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Why Clean Up Solar Panels?
Zero waste and no pollution: concepts that run the world today. Everyone is trying to make the world greener and cleaner. To achieve everyone's vision, switching from fossil fuels to renewables like solar energy is a must. Solar power system is important for us. In the process, 1000W portable solar power generator plays a vital role. Especially when it comes to buying solar panels and consuming solar energy, there are multiple advantages of being affordable and inexhaustible. However, without proper cleaning procedures, it is impossible to enjoy the benefits of solar energy and its equipment. Solar panel cleaning is an important part of solar power generation. Without it, photovoltaic systems will not operate efficiently, thus shortening the product life cycle.
How to Properly Install Solar Panels?
Most of people know about different components of solar photovoltaic system, like solar panels, solar inverters and mounting systems. But many of them do not have much details about how to set up and install the whole rooftop solar photovoltaic plant, especially the mounting system, to extent that they may have a concern of damaging their roof in case of installing this mounting system on it.
The Relationship Between Solar Energy and Solar Cells
The solar energy is the power of our life on the earth, it used for many different aspects thousands of years ago, to extent that we can Not really live without it. The sun provides huge power, and its output energy in one hour is sufficient to power our planet entirely for one year. Actually, the solar energy is mainly received in two kind of forms: heat and light.
7 Key Factors About Solar Photovoltaic Systems
The solar panel is the first working part of solar photovoltaic system to converts the sun light to DC electricity. It is made of silicon element, and the silicon is abundant element on the earth, it represents approximate 30% of the earth crust, and it’s the seventh common element on the world.
What are the Features of the Solar Panel System?
Solar mounting structure is an important part of the solar system, it is used to install the solar array on our roofs, and it uses different kinds of frames, and railings. Most of mounting structure systems are made of Aluminum with stainless steel hardware, and designed to integrate with different kinds/power capacities (weights) of solar panels and to integrate as well with different types of roofs.
Why Does Solar Panel Prices Change?
Solar panels are the main part in the solar system with a job to convert sun lights to DC electricity, and their costs represent a relatively considerable amount of the whole solar system price. The price of the solar panels continuously changes from year to year based on three factors.
Unique Advantages of Solar Micro Inverter
Mainly in 2 cases the solar micro inverter exhibits unique benefits; The first is when there is shading across our solar panels array, and the second is when we need our solar panels to face different directions due to our roof design. As micro solar inverter will allow every solar panel to run on its own, so if one or more solar panels are affected by shading, this will not affect the output power of our whole solar array, because other panels subjected to sunlight will still produce its maximum power capacity and will not affected by shading solar panels.
3 Advantages of Solar Systems
The second main benefit of the solar system is reducing or even eliminating our electricity bill, which goes up by time passing, and nowadays in most of countries it constituted as considerable amount to be paid by the customers. Moreover, and if our solar system is large enough, we will get paid from the electric utility for surplus electricity we shall export to the electric network (considering your solar system is connected to the grid, and it generates electricity more than you will use).
How Much Sunlight Should the Solar Panel Receive?
In general, the amount of sunlight a solar panel receives in a day is expressed in terms of peak solar hours. It means how many hours of rated power the solar panel can deliver on an average day. For example, if we have a solar panel rated at 450W and the site has 4 hours of peak sunlight, this means that we can supply this solar panel with about 4 x 450 = 1800W hour of energy per day, or 1.8kWh.This is because the amount of electricity a solar panel can produce is directly proportional to the amount of solar energy it receives, so it is important that our solar panel is installed in a direction that collects most of the direct sunlight.
3 Dangerous Phenomena in Solar Panel
First Phenomena: Its yellow and brown colors appear internally in the solar panel. Due to solar panel poor manufacturer understanding of material science, there will be unusual chemical reactions happened internally and cause the rear white plastic to turn to brown or yellow, also, this may happen to solar cells surface due to chemical reactions between silicon cell surface and chemicals used to treat the solar panel glass.
Solar Panels Real Quality
Solar panels like any other product are Not the same, as some solar panels manufacturers use the high quality equipment and materials in manufacturing process, while others do Not. The used high quality materials will lead to high solar panels performance and high reliability. Those solar products manufacturers who always conduct researches to develop their solar panels manufacturing process are absolutely the best for us to buy from even their prices may be a bit higher than others.
3 Important Components in Solar Panel
Those are 3 important components in any solar panel with high influence on solar panel quality, performance and life span. So, let us show their effects and how can we choose the best characteristics as following:
3 Factors Affect Solar Panels Performance
Solar panel delamination: This phenomenon occurs when the bond between the solar panel glass on the front, and plastic on the rear is disconnected, because this will let the air and moisture to creep internally in the solar panel causing corrosion, and soon failure. Bond disconnection is resulted from using bad plastic materials with low thermal characteristics, or non-clean plastic / glass or using inferior manufacturing machine with poor pressure and temperature.
What is Feed-in Tariff and How Does It Work?
The tariff will differ from one retailer to another, and for each retailer you have to study the advantages he offers and disadvantages as well, you have to weigh up all points, and then take decision in which retailer you will proceed with. Also, from time to time, you need to check the retails in your local area for any tariff changes that may occurs, as you may consider to change the retailer to get the best tariff.
How to Choose the Best Electricity Price?
Electrical power providers are generally providing two different tariff structures, the first is called flat rate structure, in which the price for the purchased kWh is fixed, its same over 24hours/7days. And the other structure called time of use, in which the price for the purchased kWh differs from time to other, there will be off peak price and high peak price. Usually, off peak time is in the night, high peak time is from afternoon to the evening, and the normal time is represented by the rest of the day hours, in some areas, the high peak kWh charges may reach 50 cents per each kWh. Therefore, we must choose a reasonable electricity price according to our own needs.
How to Identify High Quality Solar Panels?
The solar panel spend its life in rains, hot sun, etc. It works outdoor and exposed to harsh environment in summer and winter. These changes in weather will of course affect the solar internal components and material bonded to each other, there will be chemical changes which will affect not only the solar panel performance, but it will affect its life time, its efficiency and reliability, because these chemical reactions will create new chemical material. Moreover, the elasticity of these internal materials will change with the time pass and affect the tension and stress forces taken place between different parts. So, the cheap low quality solar panel which uses cheap and low quality materials, and which its manufacturer has not taken into consideration the parameters aforementioned will not withstands/survives much, provides low performance and low service life.
9 Tips Before Installing Solar PV System
Make your solar system installer from the beginning aware that he will be responsible for making all electrical connection especially the electricity meter and getting all approvals required by your electricity retailer "power grid"and to insert costs of these works in your quote. Actually this process varies from state to another and from country to another. You have to get a clear date to start and finish your solar system installation from the solar company. Make sure that your solar company contacts the electricity retailer "power grid"to arrange procedures for the new electricity meter installation.
Three Types of Solar PV System
That is the common setup system, its connected to the power grid, the electricity generated from solar will be first used to run your loads "equipment/appliances", and if there will be surplus electricity generation, it will exported to the power grid, and your power retailer will pay you for it (approx. 6-30 cent per kWh), and if the solar generation is not sufficient or not operating (night), electricity will be imported automatically from your retailer and you will pay for it at the end of the month. Generally, in hybrid system, the batteries capacity will not be large, so it’s not sufficient to run the whole system in case of grid shutdown, but it will be able to run certain appliances with dedicated “separate” circuits after disconnecting the home from the grid, so you should specify these certain appliances like important medical equipment or fridge, etc. to your solar system designer at design stage.
3 Factors Affect Solar Photovoltaic System
One of the most external factors affecting solar photovoltaic performance rather than the 3 factors aforementioned, is how much solar irradiation exists in that country/location. There will be many calculators available on internet free of charge that provide us with accurate sun irradiation data for each place in the world. This calculator estimates the output power from the solar photovoltaic system based on optimal criteria, means best orientation, best pitch angel, no shadow, and standard good quality solar panels.

Picture of place latitude location

9 Tips Before Buying Solar PV System
Do internet solar research, and speak to your friends who already installed the solar system. The goal of such searches is to discover good brands, prices in the market. Usually cheap prices correspond to lower quality, but keep in mind that your solar system should last for 25 years in order to get a good return on investment, so good quality is our first consideration. Choose the high quality and the high efficiency solar Inverter, as the inverter is an essential and crucial part of the solar system, the motor efficient it is, the better energy conversion we get. We recommend to choose the best brand with long warranty period.