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Solar Panel Working Principle
The working principle of solar panels is to use the photoelectric effect, also known as the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic effect refers to the phenomenon that an object generates electromotive force due to the absorption of photons. The photovoltaic effect occurs when sunlight or other light strikes the PN junction of a semiconductor. The photovoltaic effect causes a voltage to appear on both sides of the PN junction, which is called the photovoltaic voltage. By shorting the PN junction, a current will flow.
How Solar Panels Work for Street Lights?
Solar panel solutions for street lighting can be the best choice for gardens, parks, schools and other places. There are different types of solar street lights to choose from. They can be used for decoration, lighting and other purposes. By using solar street lights, users can promote sustainable energy and reduce pollution significantly.
Solar Panel Troubleshooting
Solar panels are made of crystalline silicon. Due to the characteristics of its own crystal structure, it is easy to crack, which constitutes the cause of cracking. Essentially, there are two types, one is mechanical stress and the other is thermal stress. , initially only some small cracks will appear in the cell, which is difficult to detect with the naked eye, but after a long time, it will develop into fragments, which are visible to the naked eye at this time.
How do Portable Solar Panels Generate Electricity?
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), the regulator has a direct connection between the solar panel and the battery and uses a "quick switch" mechanism to regulate the charge flowing into the battery. The switch remains fully open until the battery reaches the sink voltage, at which point the switch begins to open and close hundreds of times per second to reduce the current while keeping the voltage constant.
What are the Applications of Solar Panels?
Solar powered lights have become ubiquitous and can be seen everywhere from home landscaping and security lights to road signs and more. These solar lighting technologies for homes are inexpensive and range from basic to high-end designs. These are also daily powers that use solar panels to charge the battery during the day and maintain the battery at night. Such as black lights, tapping lights, fishing lights, garden lights, mountaineering lights, street lights, portable lights, camping lights, energy-saving lamps, etc.
How Far the Solar Panels Can be From the House?
If you don't have enough space on your roof to install solar panels, ground mounts are the best option. But the question is, how far can the solar panels be from your house? That's a question you need to answer before any setup. If you're too far away and you're not getting the results you want, what's the acceptable limit? In this article, we will tell you How far the solar panels can be from the house.
How to Improve Efficiency of Solar Panels?
The efficiency of a solar panel is the conversion of the solar panel's ability to convert solar radiation into usable electricity. It is the most commonly used criterion by consumers when evaluating the quality of solar panels. Taking two PV modules as an example, under the same sunlight for the same amount of time, the more efficient one produces more energy than the other.
Can Solar Panels Generate Enough Electricity on Sunny Day?
As more and more people begin to pursue the quality of life, solar panels are gradually being used in our daily life. So can solar panels generate enough electricity when it's sunny? The answer is yes, solar panels can provide enough power on sunny days. However, several factors must be considered first.
How to Maintain Solar Power System?
The maintenance of the solar power system is divided into daily inspection and regular maintenance. Maintenance personnel must have professional knowledge, a high sense of responsibility and a serious attitude. The overall operation of the photovoltaic power system should be checked every day, and the display data of the equipment and measuring instruments should be carefully observed. Patrol inspections should be carried out regularly, and inspection records should be kept.
Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning Tips
Since the existence of life on earth, the sun has been continuously bringing energy to the earth. In order to make reasonable use of these inexhaustible energy, solar power generation is quietly emerging as a new type of renewable energy. Today, the solar photovoltaic power generation market is booming, and various solar energy products appear in our lives. But you must know that although solar panels are easy to use, solar photovoltaic panels require a lot of effort to maintain. The following are the tips for solar panel maintenance and cleaning.
Can Solar Panel Power Stove?
We use our stoves every day, but many people don't even think about how much electricity it consumes. But it's different if you're using solar, because every watt counts. Two questions here, can one solar panel power the stove, and second, how many panels are needed?
Solar Panel for Backpacking
Wouldn't it be nice to spend a few days hiking trails, hills or biking in nature? Sure, but can you really leave your phone or GPS behind? For most of us, the answer No, because there may be an emergency and we need to call for help. With solar panels and battery packs, we do not have to.
Precautions for Handling Broken Solar Panel
It's a common misconception that once a solar panel is broken, it can't work, and therefore can't generate any electricity, but this experiment shows that's where the danger begins. How scary are solar panels? We took a damaged components to do the experiment, the photovoltaic modules, dense, crack, there are many staff to solar panels are connected to circuit, damaged the photovoltaic modules output 9 Ann's current, voltage is 650V, it is fatal to human body, and also can produce the same as the flame between positive and negative wire of electric arc.
Is your Solar Panel Water Proof?
One of the important ways to support solar panel against water damage is the pitched roof or pitched mounting structure, which your solar installer will take care about when setting up your solar system, surely he will take care of adjusting the solar panel slant, to push rains water out, preventing it from staying on solar panel surface for a long time, so keeping solar panel internal structure safe and without harm. A second way to improve waterproof feature of the solar panel is to raise the waterproof seal (a barrier keeping the water out).
How Many Solar Panel Need For Fan and TV?
Due to the large power consumption of air conditioning, electric fan has become a popular choice for solar energy users. It's nice to watch TV with a cool breeze in summer, but how many solar panels do you need? Compared with air conditioning, fans consume less power and will not divert too much power during operation.
Portable Solar Panel and Electric Car
Electric vehicles and portable solar panels are undoubtedly the perfect combination. With the rapid decline of renewable energy costs, is it unreasonable to combine the two? In summer, you can expect solar panels to generate more energy, so charging the battery will be faster. In winter, less sunlight is available, so the charging time will be longer.
6 Tips to Keep Solar Panel Clean
Is your solar panel as efficient as before? Before calling customer service, please check the cell for leaves, dirt, dust or bird droppings. It usually takes only one thorough cleaning to get the system running again. Although the maintenance cost of solar systems is low, don't ignore them. Here are some tips to keep solar panels clean when they look and run.
4 Main Jobs of the Solar Inverter
The solar inverter with all of its different types constitutes as the second most important part in solar system, because its responsible of major main jobs. It is responsible of the safety, quality and quantity of the AC output power (AC electricity) generated for the solar system, and its responsible of AC output power optimization at different conditions the solar system encounters over the day and year, so it plays an important role in increasing the electrical energy harvest.
Will the Solar System be Noisy?
In normal operation and in general, the solar panels do not generate noise, as they are manufactured and designed to be noise free equipment, especially in night time, but even at day time where the sun hits the solar panel and it works to generate electricity, there will not be a noise.
Solar Photovoltaic System Gross Metering
The connection of the solar photo-voltaic system to the power grid has multiple ways, based on electric utility regulations, and solar system owner installation purpose. One of these connection ways is the gross metering scheme. In this scheme, the whole electricity generated form the solar photo-voltaic system will go directly to the grid, and not to our home. So, all the harvest will be sent back to the grid on a pre-determined feed in tariff we agreed for with our local electricity supplier.