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80W 12V DC Solar Water Pump

80 watt solar water pump adopts stainless steel single screw structure, with external DC controller, maximum head 28m (90ft), maximum flow 132 gallons per hour (500 lph), 3 inch inlet diameter and 0.75 inch outlet diameter. DC 12 volt DC solar powered water pump can be used for home use, such as small pond, small fountain, water tank or water gardens.
Price: From $690.91

500W 48V DC Solar Water Pump

500 watt solar water pump with external DC controller has stainless steel impeller/screw, maximum head 45~109m (145~355ft), maximum flow 449~1321 gallons per hour, 3 inch/4 inch inlet diameter and 0.75 inch/1.25 inch outlet diameter. 48V DC solar water motor pump can be used for deep well, small fountain, large pond or water tank.
Price: From $708.73

1500W 110V DC Solar Water Pump

SKU: ATO-SWP-110V1500
2 hp solar water pump is also a submersible water pump, with special DC controller, 110V DC working voltage, maximum flow 3.8m3/h ~ 19.0m3/h (1000 gph ~ 5000 gph), maximum head 34m ~ 203m (110 ~ 665ft), inlet diameter 3 inch/4 inch, internal BLDC motor, can be used for water tank, fountain, water feature or pool. LED display of DC controller can show power, voltage, current and speed values.
Price: From $852.13