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Solar Products

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600W 72V DC Solar Water Pump

72 volt solar water pump has single-suction plastic impeller, internal brushless DC motor, special digital DC controller, maximum head 42~80m (135~260ft), maximum flow 800~1585 gallons per hour, 3 inch/4 inch inlet diameter and 1.25 inch outlet diameter. 600 watt solar irrigation pump can be used for water tank, water feature, pond or farms.
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1500W 110V DC Solar Water Pump

2 hp solar water pump is also a submersible water pump, with special DC controller, 110V DC working voltage, maximum flow 3.8m3/h ~ 19.0m3/h (1000 gph ~ 5000 gph), maximum head 34m ~ 203m (110 ~ 665ft), inlet diameter 3 inch/4 inch, internal BLDC motor, can be used for water tank, fountain, water feature or pool. LED display of DC controller can show power, voltage, current and speed values.
From $852.13