200W 24V DC Solar Water Pump

200 watt solar water well pump with external DC controller has stainless steel impeller, maximum head 35m (115ft), maximum flow 1057 gallons per hour, 3 inch inlet diameter and 1.25 inch outlet diameter. DC controller can show power, voltage, current and speed values. 24V solar powered pump can be used for deep well, small fountain, pond or water tank.
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200W solar water pump with DC controller, 24V working voltage, 1057 gph max. flow, 35m max. head.


Basics SKU ATO-SWP-24V200
Shipping weight 15kg
Cable length 2m
Package included 1 * Solar water pump with 2m cable
1 * DC controller
1 * Stainless steel float switch (water level sensor for the tank)
1 * Pump outlet joint connector
1 * Splice kit for cable join
1 * Splice kit for waterproof
1 * User manual
Warranty 2 years
Solar water pump features Model 3DSC4-35-24-200
Voltage 24V DC
Power 200W
Max. flow 4.0m3/h (1057 gph, American system)
Max. head 35m (115ft)
Length 60cm
Inlet diameter 3 inch
Outlet diameter 1.25 inch
Impeller structure Single-suction stainless steel impeller
Internal motor Brushless DC motor
Speed 4000rpm
Material of shaft 304 stainless steel
Material of outlet/connector/oil cylinder Stainless steel
No water protection function The water pump stops working automatically when there is no water in the well, and it will automatically restart working 30 minutes later.
Required open circuit voltage (VOC) of solar panel <50V DC
Required power of solar panel ≥1.3*pump power
Efficiency 45%
Controller features Model DF-24
Best MPPT voltage range 30-48V DC
Max. input current 15A
Working temperature -15~+60℃ (5~140℉)
Display LED display can show power, voltage, current and speed value.
Functions Automatic charging (for battery)
Variable frequency
Automatic power ON/OFF
Soft start
High voltage/low voltage/over-current/high temperature protection
Protection class IP65

200W 24V DC solar water pump performance curves (see grass green line):
200W 24V DC 3 inch solar water pump performance curves
Solar water pump installation drawing:
200W 24V DC solar water pump installation drawing
Solar water pump wiring diagram:
200W 24V DC solar water pump wiring diagram

Tips: How does a solar water pump ensure continuous water supply?
The solar water pump exclusively uses the DC power of the solar panel. It must operate at lower power in low light conditions and are guaranteed not to stop work or overheat. The water passes through the sealed cavity of the pump and is pressed upwards. Even if the pumping is slow, it can maintain the lifting capacity. The pump consists of a diaphragm, vanes and a piston. It differs from conventional centrifugal pumps that require fast rotation for efficient operation (centrifugal pumps require a higher volume). Most deep wells choose solar submersible pumps.
The pump controller (solar pump inverter) is an electronic device used with solar pumps. It can be divided into external type and internal type. Like an automatic transmission, it helps the pump start up and does not stop in low sunlight.
As the sun moves through the sky, solar trackers can be used to tilt solar panels. This adds at least up to 55% of daily energy. On a clear sunny day, the tracking effect is the best. It is less effective in cloudy weather and winter.
Storage is very important. Depending on the climate and water usage, store 3 to 10 days of water as needed. When the tank is full, the float switch can turn off the pump to prevent water spillage. Most systems use water storage instead of power supply storage, which makes the system more streamlined and economical.
Compared to windmills, solar water pumps are cheaper and easier to install and maintain. They provide a more consistent water supply. They can be installed in storm-deficient valleys and wooded areas. The solar panels can be far from the pump itself, even a few hundred feet (100 meters) away.

Products specifications
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User Manual

PDF Solar Water Pump External DC Cotroller User Manual

Existing reviews
Easy to set up solar water pump
This little pump exceeded my expectations. The pump curves they provide seem to be accurate, and even maybe a little conservative in terms of the flow you should expect, the controller worked well for my application.
Dmitry Pousa | 5/19/2022 3:48 AM
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I really like the function of this 200W DC solar water pump
Using 200W DC solar water pump to create a pondless waterfall landscape feature. The 24V DC solar water pump is small, but seems to be powerful enough for my project. I like its function very much.
Tristram Tristram | 8/2/2021 8:36 PM
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