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Solar Inverter FAQ

Solar pv inverters

How to buy a solar inverter for grid tied system?
When buying a solar inverter, the first consideration is the scale of the PV on grid power station. The second consideration is efficiency. Efficiency is directly linked to power generation. Finally, reliability should be considered.

How on grid solar system works?
In grid tie solar system in which the solar inverter is connected to the AC power grid, when the solar radiations hit the solar panels surfaces, they produce direct current electricity (called DC), then the solar inverter will convert this DC electricity to AC electricity to run our household appliances and others loads. This process is done every day quietly and automatically. The more the sun shines, the more DC electricity the solar panels can produce, and the more AC energy we can get. When the AC power is larger than our loads requirements, the excess electricity will send back to the electric power grid allowing other neighbors customers to use this clean solar energy.

Is solar micro inverter worth buying?
Micro inverter is a small solar inverter used to convert DC electricity coming from one solar panel to AC electricity. It placed directly at the back of the solar panel and its typical rated power is between 100-350W, this small capacity is intended by designer, so no need for cooling systems or other components. In micro inverter solar system, you are not obliged to use the same solar panels ratings, you can use different solar panel capacities, voltage, current, and this will facilitate adding more solar panels to your existing solar system for extensions. Moreover, all solar panel/micro inverter units will be connected in parallel to form the whole solar system at the end. This configuration provides the feature of one micro inverter failure will not affect the other system units.

How to improve service life of solar inverter?
The designed service life of the PV solar inverter released from factory is same, but the real service life will be greatly affected by installation, operation and maintenance factors. To improve solar inverter service life, firstly a good installation environment shall be created to avoid the poor environment’s influence. On the other hand, the inverter shall be inspected frequently to find out any abnormal noise, odorless, abnormally high temperature or impurity. The inverter shall be maintained in clean status and the heat radiation pipe shall be smooth. The wire shall also be well connected.

On grid solar pv system

How to select off grid solar inverter?
There are 8 tips to consider when selecting the proper off grid solar inverter.

  1. The off grid solar inverter output voltage and frequency.
  2. Installing off grid solar inverter or hybrid inverter.
  3. The off grid solar inverter output power.
  4. The off grid solar inverter input DC voltage.
  5. The inverter built in solar charge controller will be MPPT or PWM.
  6. Batteries charging requirements.
  7. Solar array max output voltage and MPPT trackers.
  8. Backup power supply (Generator) starter.

What is MPPT feature?
It is DC to DC converter incorporated inside most of all modern solar photovoltaic inverters that enable maximizing DC energy harvest getting from solar panels at any time during the operation cycle.

How the MPPT feature works?
The basic element is the solar array is the module. We constitute the module as DC source with an internal impedance which will be changed over the day based on level of solar irradiance fallen at the module surface and solar cell temperature. So, the DC solar energy getting from the module is not fixed and its output DC current and voltage are changed over the day as well. Based on this, MPPT feature importance arises, as the solar inverter internal MPPT circuit will monitor the DC voltage and current all the time and trying to extract maximum power and drive the solar inverter at maximum efficiency point, and this of course will result in high energy yield.

Compared with single MPPT and dual MPPT, which is better?
Dual MPPT inverter is better than single MMPT because it can handle multiple solar strings with different azimuth angle, different tilt angle, different length (voltage), different modules power/ voltage/ manufacturer, and it allows connecting more than 2 strings to the inverter without combiner box. So, dual MPPT provides higher flexibility, cost saving and higher efficiency with higher harvest.

How to use solar inverter safely?
The AC voltage overrange is the most common failure of the solar inverter connected with the PV grid system. Over voltage is usually caused by the rise of the grid voltage, the wrong connection of the AC conductor, the poor contact or damage of the AC switch.

What are the features of solar inverter in PV system?
Solar inverters should have a reasonable circuit structure and consist of carefully selected components. Solar inverters should apply to a wide range of DC input voltage because the solar PV cell array's terminal voltage changes with the load and sunlight intensity. Solar inverters should have high efficiency. Solar inverters should be highly reliable. In the solar PV power generation system with medium and large capacities, solar inverters' output should output sinusoidal waves with a small distortion factor. Solar inverters should have a high overload capacity ranging from 125% to 150%.

Where is the best installation place for solar inverter?
When the component is away from the grid connection point and the PV solar inverter is installed at the place close to the grid connection point, the initial cost and the energy loss will be lower but the difference is not very obvious. If the DC cable is over 100m long, the MPPT matching loss may be caused. In the actual installation, various conditions, including the cable distribution convenience and the power station safety, shall be considered.

Solar system application

What is the string solar inverter?
String solar inverter is advice that converts DC solar electricity generated form solar panels to AC electricity which we can use to operate all our electrical appliances and machines. In large power capacity solar system, we shall see many string solar inverters and of course their numbers equal to the number and strings in the solar array system.

What are the advantages of central solar inverter?
The central solar inverter has been existing for long time, many years ago, we deal with, it has been installed and doing well years ago, and this gives it more credibility. Compared to other types of solar inverters (string & micro), it is less expensive because lower components and lower installation costs due to its one inverter that can handle all the solar array. We usually place the central inverter inside a room or closed area, and apart from bad weather, it’s not exposed to harsh climate conditions, these of course increase the reliability of this system.

Can I install solar system by myself?
We suggest that you have to not install the solar system yourself, and to left that work to the solar professional for your safety and to avoid troubles, also to get max reliability and efficiency from your solar system.

What factors affect the prices of solar systems?
Silicon solar cell, framing, glass, connectors and diodes types and quality. Solar system components manufacturer testing, design and quality assurance. The solar inverter quality, certificates and warranty. Solar system installation costs. Whether there will be some rebated provided by the government or not. Exchange rate, as it you may need to get higher quality and certified solar components from outside the country.

Why choose solar photovoltaic inverter?
The half way in getting large financial saving of your solar phot-voltaic system is to choose long life solar panels power inverter, high quality and good performance solar system inverter and other good quality components from the beginning. The next half way is to use the free electricity generated from the solar system on daylight, in other words is to make loads shift into daylights time. The goal is to make matching between electrical power output from the solar system and your loads demand, and this will achieve more than twice the financial saving.

How to save money with solar system?
firstly, Build your home solar photovoltaic system with a high efficiency solar inverter and transfer your large power usage equipment to day light hours to use the free electricity generated from the solar system. Secondly, improve your home electrical equipment energy efficiency and reduce electricity wastes.

Power Inverter FAQ

12V/ 24V/ 48V sine wave power inverter

Power inverter how it works?
Power inverter is a device that can directly convert DC power to AC power. It can be used for car/RV/truck/house. The DC power is from the car battery or home battery. The AC power converted by power inverter can be directly used for charging the phone/laptop/iPad or powering electric fan/refrigerator in the car.

What are the types of power inverter?
Power inverters are mainly divided into two categories, one is a sine wave inverter, and the other is a square wave inverter. Sine wave inverter output is the same as the grid we use every day or even better sine wave AC power, because it does not exist power electromagnetic pollution.Square wave inverter output is the poor quality square wave alternating current, the positive to the negative maximum value generate almost at the same time, so causing severe destabilizing effects on the load and the inverter itself.

What is the efficiency of power inverter?
When it works the power inverter will consume a part of the input power. The output power will be lower than the input power. That efficiency of the power inverter is the ratio of output power and input power. If the input power is 100 watts (from DC power), and the output power is 80 watts (for AC power). Then the efficiency of power inverter is 80%. When we using a power inverter, it is better not powered the device for more than 80% of the rated power, and not to be continuously used for a long time.

What size of an power inverter do I need for my RV?
It depends on the actual load power of the RV. As to the high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators, the starting current is equivalent to 3-9 times of the normal working current, and then it is required to select an inverter with higher power. Taking 24V 3000W inverter as an example, if the sum of the rated powers of the loads to be used in the RV at the same time is no more than 2800W, the 3000W can guarantee stable current. It should also be noted that in order to prolong the service life of the inverter, do not operate it at full load for a long time, and do not use the inverter in a condition exceeding 80% of the rated power.

Can I use the power inverter for my car when the engine is turned off?
Yes, when using for 300 watts load, the general car battery can provide power approximately 25-55 minutes in the case of the engine is turned off. If the load is a laptop with 40 watts, the power time will be longer. The power inverter has an under-voltage warning and under-voltage protection circuit. If the battery voltage drops to 10 volts, the under-voltage protection circuit is activated, and the output voltage is cut off. It will prevent the battery voltage is too low and had a start accident of the car engine. If we prepare another battery and connected to the car battery, then the working time of the power inverter can be doubled.

What are the important things when using a power inverter?
The power inverter output voltage is 220V AC or 110V AC. When in a relatively small space and moveable state, people should pay special attention to it. It is best to place a power inverter in a safe place to prevent electric shock. When not in use, be sure to cut off its power. A power inverter cannot be placed in a warm air outlet or near the location or direct sunlight. Other objects cannot be placed on the power inverter or nearby. Don't put it in rain or sprinkled with water, mainly because of the power inverter is very afraid of the water, it may damage if water enters.