How to Choose a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?
A pure sine wave inverter can convert direct current to alternating current. Unlike square wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters, pure sine wave inverters produce waveforms similar to those we get from commercial grid systems and can drive a variety of electronic devices including inductive loads. So, how to choose a pure sine wave inverter?
Functions of Solar Charge Controller
The solar charge controller is a device used to control the solar panel to charge the battery and at the same time give the load control voltage to the voltage sensitive device. The solar charge controller regulates and controls the charging and discharging conditions of the battery, and controls the power output of the solar cell components and the battery to the load according to the power requirements of the load. It is the main control part of the entire solar power supply system.
Car Inverter Buying Guide
The car inverter is a power converter for vehicles, which can convert the 12V DC power of the car battery into 220V AC power. The car inverter can use 220V power supply in the car to charge laptops, mobile phones and other devices, and can also be connected to electrical appliances within a certain power range.
Solar Panel for Backpacking
Wouldn't it be nice to spend a few days hiking trails, hills or biking in nature? Sure, but can you really leave your phone or GPS behind? For most of us, the answer No, because there may be an emergency and we need to call for help. With solar panels and battery packs, we do not have to.
What is a Solar Generator?
The solar generator generates electricity by direct sunlight on the solar panel, and charges the battery, which can supply power for DC energy-saving lamps, tape recorders, TVs, DVDs, satellite TV receivers and other products. It has protection functions, including overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, temperature compensation and reverse battery connection. The solar generator can provide 12V DC and 220V AC output.
How Many Solar Panels are Needed for TV and Refrigerator?
There's nothing better than watching TV with a cold drink from the fridge in hand, and with solar energy, you can do just that. But how many solar panels do you need to run a TV and a refrigerator at the same time? No doubt it's possible, but how many panels do you need? Do you need batteries?
Precautions for Handling Broken Solar Panel
It's a common misconception that once a solar panel is broken, it can't work, and therefore can't generate any electricity, but this experiment shows that's where the danger begins. How scary are solar panels? We took a damaged components to do the experiment, the photovoltaic modules, dense, crack, there are many staff to solar panels are connected to circuit, damaged the photovoltaic modules output 9 Ann's current, voltage is 650V, it is fatal to human body, and also can produce the same as the flame between positive and negative wire of electric arc.
The Importance of Solar Inverters in Solar Systems
Maximum power tracking MPPT function when the light intensity and temperature changes, the solar module input power presents a linear change, the solar module is not a constant voltage source, nor is it a constant current source, its power will shift with the output voltage shift, and there is no direct relationship with the load. Its output current along with the voltage rise is a horizontal line at first, and when it reaches a certain power, it decreases with the voltage rise, and when it reaches the module open circuit voltage, the current decreases to zero.
How to Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference from Solar Inverters?
The input port and output port of the solar inverter are designed with an EIM filter. The purpose is to control EMI transmission interference and only allow the use of ideal low-pass current at DC and power frequency. In addition, it is a bidirectional filter, which can not only To avoid noise interference from the inverter to the outside world, and to prevent the introduction of external interference into the system, the filter includes X and Y capacitors and common mode inductors. The common mode inductance is on the same magnetic ring, which is composed of two windings with opposite directions and the same number of turns, so that the magnetic field generated when the flow passes through the windings is superimposed, and presents a large inductive reactance to the interference current. Mode interference, the common mode capacitor will introduce the common mode current to the ground without passing through the power grid.
Solar Inverter Applications
Usually direct current is directly converted into alternating current, and then power is supplied to the device. Electrical appliances that can be used include desk lamps, fans, computers, rice cookers, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, soybean milk makers, electric kettles, ovens, projectors, and hair dryers, induction cooker and most other household appliances.
How to Choose the Operating Mode of Solar Inverter?
Application area: This mode is used in areas with no or less electricity. Mains electricity is expensive and frequent power outages. It is important to note that the inverter will switch to utility power when it needs to use the battery to a lower value. The advantage of this mode is that the solar energy can be fully utilized. The disadvantage is that the user's electricity consumption cannot be fully guaranteed. When the battery voltage is low and the mains is abnormal, no electricity can be used. If the user's demand for electricity is not particularly high, this mode can be selected.
How to Install a Wind Solar Hybrid System?
Compared with the grid-connected power generation system, the cost of the off-grid power generation system is higher than that of the grid-connected power generation system because it needs to be equipped with a battery as an energy storage device. The size of the power generation system generally needs to be smaller than that of the grid-connected system, and the power generation efficiency is low, but the off-grid power generation system exists independently from the national grid, which can save the cable lines connected to the power grid, so that the length of the cables used in the entire system is much less than grid-connected power generation system, so the off-grid power generation system can be installed faster and more conveniently on site.
Wind Turbine Working Principle
A wind turbine is a power device that converts wind energy into mechanical work, which drives the rotor to rotate, and finally outputs alternating current. The structure of the generator is generally composed of the nacelle, rotor blades, shaft center, high-speed shaft and its mechanical brake, generator, yaw device, electronic controller, hydraulic system, cooling element, tower, anemometer and wind vane, tail rudder. Wind turbines are generally composed of wind turbines, generators (including devices), regulators (tails), towers, speed-limiting safety mechanisms, and energy storage devices.
Precautions for Choosing a Car Inverter
From the output waveform, the car inverter can be divided into sine wave output and square wave output. The former outputs the same sine wave alternating current as the power grid we use every day, which can adapt to various loads, but the circuit structure is more complicated and the volume is larger. The latter circuit is simple, but it is picky about the load and cannot drive the inductive load.
Off Grid Inverter Load Types
If the load is an elevator, etc., it cannot be directly connected to the output end of the inverter. When the elevator falls, the motor reverses, and back electromotive force will occur, which will enter the inverter and the inverter will be easily damaged. In case of disconnection, the mains system must be used, it is recommended to add a frequency converter between the frequency converter and the elevator motor.
Portable Solar Panel Price List
A solar panel is a device that absorbs sunlight and converts solar radiation directly or indirectly into electrical energy through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effect. Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar batteries are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
Portable Solar Panel Selection Guide
A solar panel is a device that directly converts light energy into electrical energy through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effect. With the development of solar technology, the application of portable solar panels in our life is more and more extensive. Here are a few things to consider when selecting portable solar panels.
Wind Turbine Charge Controller Price List
Wind turbine charge controller is an intelligent controller specially designed for wind power generation system. Making full use of wind energy resources to generate electricity, the equipment can not only efficiently convert the electrical energy generated by the wind turbine to charge the battery, but also provide powerful control functions.
Inverter Generator Price List
For buyers, they don’t know how to determine whether the inverter generator is suitable for their own use. We summarize some points that they need to pay attention to:
Wind Turbine Price List
A wind turbine first uses wind energy to generate electricity, and is a device that converts wind energy into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. And wind energy, as a clean and renewable energy, is inexhaustible.