3 Thing You Need to Know About STCs
It's a tradeable certificate represents CO2 emission saving resulting from installing a small scale solar system, its issued and awarded from a government body, called clean energy regulator. In other word, it's a measure of how much CO2 emission your solar system installation will save. When your small scale solar system installed, calculations will be done by clean energy regulator to indicate how many STCs can be created over the whole life time of your solar system, and of course this is also a measure of how much renewable energy your solar system will generate.
Net Metering vs Gross Metering
In gross metering, the whole solar system generated electricity will go to the grid, and you will get paid for it as a form of credit shown in the electricity bill. In other word, we can say that in gross metering, it measures the entire output energy separately from your energy consumption, and you pay for electricity bill (energy consumption), and get paid for exported energy, in where no relation in between them “no net”.
Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Home
Basically, the solar panels are mainly consisting of several small solar cells connected electrically to each other in series. When the solar cell subjected to sunlight, it will generate direct current electricity (DC voltage), then the solar inverter takes the DC electricity and converting it to alternating current electricity (AC voltage). This AC energy will flow through your home electrical distribution panel, and distributed to flow through different branches/wires to operate your home different electrical appliances/equipment. And the following are the main 3 steps in how the solar panels will work for our home:
8 Tips Before Installing Solar PV Systems
After installing the solar system, your electrical energy meter will need to be changed to accommodate the new installation, and the question is; who will be responsible of such changeover? Is it you or solar installation company or electricity company? This point must be clear from the beginning, and usually the solar company will do that job under the supervision of the electricity company. The solar system rebates that you will get from the solar installation company as a result of selling your STCs certificate is an important point to be discussed, so you will be aware of how mush discount you will get from such STCs certificates.
How Solar PV Systems Affect House Value
What aforementioned assumed that you own your photovoltaic system, and do Not lease nor have it under a purchase agreement. As if you do not own the solar system, then you have to pay for it when the time comes to sell the house, but in that case you will lose much, because you will pay the whole price to the solar company early, and only the other option is to try convincing the buyer to take the contract with the solar company over. Mostly, the new house owner will agree to take the contract, but if not, then you will get in stuck.
What is Feed-in Tariff and How Does It Work?
The tariff will differ from one retailer to another, and for each retailer you have to study the advantages he offers and disadvantages as well, you have to weigh up all points, and then take decision in which retailer you will proceed with. Also, from time to time, you need to check the retails in your local area for any tariff changes that may occurs, as you may consider to change the retailer to get the best tariff.
Can I Install Solar System by Myself
Generally, the solar photovoltaic system with its different types (Grid Tie, Off Grid, and Hybrid) deal with risky voltages values, its alive electricity with voltages that can hurt and cause die to human in case of direct contact. Also, there are some technical areas that needs solar professionals to deal with, like the issues related to wind loading and how the solar system can withstand this safely, how to make voltage compatibility between solar panels configurations, and how to do installation and commission for the solar inverter. One more important thing is that in order to get solar rebates for the residential solar system from your government, your solar system must be installed by professional, licensed and accredited solar system installers.
6 Tips to Install Solar Photovoltaic System
Usually the main reason of installing the solar photovoltaic system is to produce electricity to be used in different applications. Some people lives in remote locations which are not serviced by the main electric grid, and using solar photovoltaic system for those people is a very reliable and cost effective way of electricity generation, it’s very less expensive than making extensions (installing poles and cables) to get electricity from the nearest main grid power supply.
What Factors Affect the Prices of Solar Systems?
Silicon solar cell, framing, glass, connectors and diodes types and quality. Also, other components which share to make the final solar panel. Of course there will be cheaper option and expensive option, and logically the expensive option is referring to the high quality and longer life. These differences will be fully noted, and recognized after 10 or 15 years of solar system operation date. Solar system installation costs. It will be extra required costs for complicated roofs for example or how connections will be securely done and what will be the costs of system balance like fuse or isolators.
How to Choose the Best Electricity Price?
Electrical power providers are generally providing two different tariff structures, the first is called flat rate structure, in which the price for the purchased kWh is fixed, its same over 24hours/7days. And the other structure called time of use, in which the price for the purchased kWh differs from time to other, there will be off peak price and high peak price. Usually, off peak time is in the night, high peak time is from afternoon to the evening, and the normal time is represented by the rest of the day hours, in some areas, the high peak kWh charges may reach 50 cents per each kWh. Therefore, we must choose a reasonable electricity price according to our own needs.
6 Reasons for Choosing Solar PV Inverter
The inverter is the heart of the solar photovoltaic system, and more than 90% of solar system failures causes is due to inverter malfunction. There are 2 main factors affecting solar inverter selecting; inverter performance and its price.
How to Identify High Quality Solar Panels?
The solar panel spend its life in rains, hot sun, etc. It works outdoor and exposed to harsh environment in summer and winter. These changes in weather will of course affect the solar internal components and material bonded to each other, there will be chemical changes which will affect not only the solar panel performance, but it will affect its life time, its efficiency and reliability, because these chemical reactions will create new chemical material. Moreover, the elasticity of these internal materials will change with the time pass and affect the tension and stress forces taken place between different parts. So, the cheap low quality solar panel which uses cheap and low quality materials, and which its manufacturer has not taken into consideration the parameters aforementioned will not withstands/survives much, provides low performance and low service life.
When Should Not Buy Solar PV Systems?
If your building/house is heavily shaded. As the shadow will dramatically reduce the solar system generated output electricity. In your vision you have to take care and consider about the impact of the current shadow and the anticipated shadow comes from trees grow or known renovations and extensions in surrounding buildings, that what we called shadow analysis study. It is an important study assisting us deciding whether the solar system will be a good beneficial investment project that worth to proceed or not. One more thing to note, is that in case of locations subjected to such shadow, its recommended to use micro solar inverter, so you can distribute your solar panels freely and avoid areas with heavy shadow.
Checklist Before Buying a Solar PV System
What will be the expected annual generated electricity (kwh) form your solar system as a whole? And will your solar system installation company be ready to provide written statement about that. That is the strict performance indication, and if the solar company provide such statement, then be rest assured your system will be of high performance and efficiency. The solar installation company has to agree with you before installation who will be responsible of repair and replacements costs if needed. This point should be clear and documented.
How do Solar Photovoltaic System Produce Electricity?
The most important step is that you have to make sure that your solar company will be in charge of installation, installing metering device, and to connect solar photovoltaic system with the grid. Solar company invoice you have to pay should have the prices of these tasks and all relevant works. However, in general, the electricity company will supply such solar energy meter and install or supervise on its installation. After installing the solar energy meter, your solar photovoltaic system is ready to run and produce electricity.
Solar photovoltaic System Application in Our Daily Life
One of substantial financial saving we can get from solar photovoltaic system is to make what we called "load shift". It means to shift electrical power usage from night times to daylight times in where the sun is shining and the solar system generates such free electricity. We strongly recommend to run your high power equipment in day light time, like dish washer, clothes washer, pool pump, dryers, water heater, electric heater, electric cars, etc. By this way you can make big financial saving and avoid paying high electricity bill to the electric utility. Also, it is worth to pay your attention to using timer to achieve smoothly operation of such equipment to daylight hours, it will be very helpful way to avoid the forgetting.
9 Tips Before Installing Solar PV System
Make your solar system installer from the beginning aware that he will be responsible for making all electrical connection especially the electricity meter and getting all approvals required by your electricity retailer "power grid"and to insert costs of these works in your quote. Actually this process varies from state to another and from country to another. You have to get a clear date to start and finish your solar system installation from the solar company. Make sure that your solar company contacts the electricity retailer "power grid"to arrange procedures for the new electricity meter installation.
Three Types of Solar PV System
That is the common setup system, its connected to the power grid, the electricity generated from solar will be first used to run your loads "equipment/appliances", and if there will be surplus electricity generation, it will exported to the power grid, and your power retailer will pay you for it (approx. 6-30 cent per kWh), and if the solar generation is not sufficient or not operating (night), electricity will be imported automatically from your retailer and you will pay for it at the end of the month. Generally, in hybrid system, the batteries capacity will not be large, so it’s not sufficient to run the whole system in case of grid shutdown, but it will be able to run certain appliances with dedicated “separate” circuits after disconnecting the home from the grid, so you should specify these certain appliances like important medical equipment or fridge, etc. to your solar system designer at design stage.
Best Solar Battery for Solar PV System
There are two main types of solar batteries in the market; Lead acid and lithium. Although adding such batteries to the solar system will add extra significant expenses on solar system price, but it has much benefits; It will reduce our electricity bill, and we will be independent of the grid keeping our equipment work in case of grid interruption, and this is critical high value benefit in places/areas prone to grid blackout or even has no connectivity with the grid, and specially for some kinds of sensitive equipment like fridges, freezers, and medical equipment.
How to Increase the Financial Return of your Solar PV System?
The solar photovoltaic system power generation in sunny day is approx. 4-5 times the cloudy day, so we need to delay operating our big power capacity appliances, like dryer, washing machine, and dish washer in cloudy day to the next sunny day. In general, when solar generation is low then do Not run all your appliances at the same time, and delay those which can be delayed without harming your lifestyle to the next sunny day, in order to avoid purchasing electricity from your local grid and pay more for your electricity bill. So, please do your jobs in sequence rather than doing them simultaneously. Also, for your Air conditioner, you can pre-heat or pre-cool your home at daylight time, so stored heat or cool on your home wall will provide a comfortable whether in the evening. This way can save you much money compared to the Air conditioner regular operating time from 5pm To 9pm when usually the household returned back to home.