8kW Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Inverter

3 phase 8kW power rating pure sine wave power inverter is a off grid no battery storage inverter system converts the DC power to AC power, it is useful for areas without electricity, vehicles, ships, solar energy and other renewable energy systems etc.
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  • Two kinds of start modes: Step-down voltage start and variable frequency start. Customers can set start mode according to the type of their load.
  • The output voltage can be set between -40 % to +20 % of the rated voltage. And the output voltage with an accuracy ±1%.
  • Pure sine wave output. With a good dynamic response of less than 50MS, the waveform distortion rate is smaller, with higher conversion efficiency and stable output voltage.
  • Adopts black pure aluminum radiator, which confirms the best radiating performance.
  • Powerful data display function. LCD can display the DC input voltage, output frequency, phase voltage, phase current, AC bypass input voltage, power consumption (kWH), time and date, temperature, and fault code display.
  • Wide input voltage can work without battery and solar charge controller, save more cost, and with MPPT wide voltage input function, maximum use of solar power.

Parameter List

Model ATO-OGI-8kW
Size (D*W*H) 450*550*760mm
Weight 140kg
Certificate CE, UL, SA, SAA, VDE
Warranty period 12 months
AC Input Rated voltage AC input voltage is the same value as the AC output (optional)
DC Input Rated voltage 48V/ 72V/ 96V DC (can be customized)
Rated current 42A @192V DC
AC Output Rated output power 8kW
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Rated voltage 208V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 460V/ 480V (optional)
Phase 3 phase 4 wire+PE wire (single phase/ split phase can be customized, please contact us by email)
Rated phase current 12A @380V AC
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Power factor >0.99
Overload ability 150%, 5 seconds
Efficiency >93%
Waveform distortion rate THD<3%
Dynamic response (0 to 100% load) 5%, ≤50ms
Display LCD
Running mode Working continuously
Electrical insulation properties 2000Vac, 1min
Communication interface RS485 (optional), can remote control the start/stop of the inverter and convey the data as below:
1. Input DC current
2. Input DC voltage
3. Output AC current 
4. Output AC voltage
5. Power consumption (kWH)
6. Some fault information
Battery charging function Can be customized, please contact us
Protection Function Protection Input reverse polarity, under voltage, over-voltage, output over-current, short circuit, overheating
Cooling method Fan-cooled
Short-circuit protection No automatic recovery, need to restart the machine
Working Environment Noise (1 meter) ≤50dB
Degree of protection IP20 (indoor)
Working altitude ≤2000m
Working temperature -25~+55℃
Relative humidity 0~90%, non-condensing
Note The above parameters are for reference only, and can be customized according to the customer's requirement!


The conversion efficiency of photovoltaic solar off grid inverters refers to the efficiency of the inverters in converting the electricity from solar panels into electricity. Solar inverters play the role of converting direct current from solar panels into alternating current and transmitting these alternating currents to the power grid. If the off grid inverters' conversion efficiency is high, the power supply for the use of the inverters will be increased.

Inverter efficiency has two major determinants. First, when converting DC current into AC sinusoidal wave, it is necessary to use a power semiconductor circuit to switch DC current (very short time on and off). At this time, the power semiconductors will heat up, resulting in the loss. By improving the design of the switch circuit, this loss can be minimized. Another factor is to improve the efficiency by relying on the control performance of the solar inverter. The output current and voltage of the solar panel will change with sunshine and temperature at any time. Solar off grid inverter can control the current and voltage optimally to achieve the maximum power (power point). The shorter the time to find the best power point, the higher the conversion efficiency will be.

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Expensive but worth it
The Off grid inverter is fully equipped and the manual is quite complete. It needs to be read carefully to determine how to set it up for your specific application. If you install it yourself, a reasonable level of knowledge is required. This is a fairly complex but powerful device. Such an expensive inverter deserves more time for my research.
Orlando Mio | 4/27/2022 3:13 AM
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