1100W 110V DC Solar Water Pump

110 volt solar water pump with special DC controller has maximum head 84~123m (275~400ft), maximum flow 1004~1585 gallons per hour, 3 inch/4 inch inlet diameter and 1.25 inch outlet diameter. 1100 watt solar water pumps for agriculture can be used for irrigation, farms, cattle, livestock or water tank.
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1100W solar water pump with DC controller, 110V working voltage, 1004~1585 gph max. flow, 84~123m max. head.


Basics SKU ATO-SWP-110V1100
Shipping weight 15kg
Cable length 2m
Package included 1 * Solar water pump
1 * DC controller
1 * Stainless steel float switch (water level sensor for the tank)
1 * Pump outlet joint connector
1 * Splice kit for cable join
1 * Splice kit for waterproof
1 * User manual
Warranty 2 years
Solar water pump features Power 1100W
Voltage 110V DC
Max. flow * 3.8m3/h (1004 gph, American system) 4.0m3/h (1057 gph, American system) 6.0m3/h (1585 gph, American system) 5.0m3/h (1321 gph, American system)
Max. head * 123m (400ft) 130m (425ft) 84m (275ft) 101m (330ft)
Length 80cm 80cm 60cm 60cm
Inlet diameter 3 inch 3 inch 4 inch 4 inch
Outlet diameter 1.25 inch 1.25 inch 1.25 inch 1.25 inch
Impeller structure Single-suction plastic impeller Single-suction stainless steel impeller Single-suction plastic impeller Single-suction stainless steel impeller
Material of outlet/connector/oil cylinder Brass Stainless steel Brass Stainless steel or brass
Model 3DPC3.8-123-110-1100 3DSC4.8-110-110-1100 4DPC6-84-110-1100 4DSC5-101-110-1100
Internal motor Brushless DC motor
Speed 4000rpm
Material of shaft 304 stainless steel
No water protection function The water pump stops working automatically when there is no water in the well, and it will automatically restart working 30 minutes later.
Required open circuit voltage (VOC) of solar panel <200V DC
Required power of solar panel ≥1.3*pump power
Efficiency 45%
Controller features Model DF-110
Best MPPT voltage range 110-150V DC
Max. input current 15A
Working temperature -15~+60℃ (5~140℉)
Display LED display can show power, voltage, current and speed value.
Functions Automatic charging (for battery)
Variable frequency
Automatic power ON/OFF
Soft start
High voltage/low voltage/over-current/high temperature protection
Protection class IP65

1100W 110V DC solar water pump performance curves:
Max. Flow: 3.8m3/h, Max. Head: 123m, Model: 3DPC3.8-123-110-1100
1100W 110V DC 3 inch solar water pump high head performance curves
Max. Flow: 4.8m3/h, Max. Head: 110m, Model: 3DSC4.8-110-110-1100
1100W 110V DC 3 inch solar water pump performance curves
Max. Flow: 6.0m3/h, Max. Head: 84m, Model: 4DPC6-84-110-1100
1100W 110V DC 4 inch solar water pump performance curves
Max. Flow: 5.0m3/h, Max. Head: 101m, Model: 4DSC5-101-110-1100
1100W 110V DC 4 inch solar water pump high head performance curves
Solar water pump installation drawing:
1100W 110V DC solar water pump installation drawing
Solar water pump wiring diagram:
1100W 110V DC solar water pump wiring diagram

Tips: Why the solar water pumping system will be the best choice for irrigation?
The solar water pumping system is mainly composed of PV panels, a PV water pump inverter and a water pump. The solar water pumping system utilizes the long-lasting energy from the sun, works at sunrise, and rests at sunset. It doesn't require personnel to take care of it, doesn't require diesel, doesn't require a power grid, and can be used with irrigation facilities such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and infiltrating irrigation. Significantly saving the water and energy power, reduce the input cost.
Advantages of solar water pumping system:

  1. Reliable: Photovoltaic power supplies rarely use moving parts and can work reliably.
  2. Safe, no noise, no other public hazards. The system doesn't produce any solid, liquid and gaseous harmful substances. It's absolutely environmentally friendly.
  3. Simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, suitable for unattended.
  4. Good compatibility, photovoltaic power generation can be used together with other energy sources, and the photovoltaic system can be easily added the capacity as requirement.
  5. The degree of standardization is high. The components can be connected in series and parallel to meet the needs of different power consumption. The versatility is strong.
  6. Solar energy is available everywhere and has a wide range of applications.
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
User Manual

PDF Solar Water Pump External DC Cotroller User Manual

Existing reviews
The placement of solar water pump
Wrong. According to the pump producer (difful pump) I cannot place this pump more than 20 meters. I highly suggest you keep this information and consider when you are selling to end users, which will waste money.
Angela Angela | 9/15/2021 2:38 AM
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Responded by
Our solar water pump can be placed about 10 meters below the surface of the water.
1100w 110v DC solar water pump can save manpower
I need a solar pump to irrigate my farmland, why would I choose this 1100w 110v solar water pump? Because it can be opened and closed automatically, no human control is required, and manpower and material resources can be saved.
Eddie Eddie | 3/21/2021 8:18 PM
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