30 Amp 12/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller

Buy low price 30 amp solar charge controller with PWM, DC 12V/24V auto switch, digital LCD display, built-in over current, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, widely used in solar off-grid power generation system, new energy electric vehicle.
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PWM solar charge controller rated charge controller current 30A, DC 12V/24V Auto intelligence, USB output, backlight design, low light can also be used.


Model ATO-PWM-30
DC Voltage 12V/24V Auto Adapt
Charge Current 10A 20A 30A
Discharge Current 10A 10A 10A
USB output 5V 2A
Max Solar Input < 41V
Equalization lithium battery(LIT):12.8V
Lead acid battery(BAT):14.4V
Float Lead acid battery: 13.7V (Defaults, Adjustable range 13-15V)
Lithium battery: 12.0V (Defaults, Adjustable range 11.5-12.8V)
Undervoltage Protection Lead acid battery: 10.7V (Defaults, Adjustable range 9.0-11.5V)
Lithium battery: 10.7V (Defaults, Adjustable range9.0-11.0V)
Disstarge Reconnect Lead acid battery: 12.6V (Defaults, Adjustable range 11.5-13V)
Lithium battery: 11.6V (Defaults, Adjustable range 11.0-11.7V)
Standby Current < 10mA
Operating Temperature -35~+60℃
Dimension 133mm*70mm*35mm
Weight 140g


  • The left button is not affected by the wiring position, and the operation is convenient. The button is separated from the USB left and right to prevent the data line from being loosened when the button is operated to prevent equipment damage. Easy to operate, saves setup time and makes you feel good.
  • The chip has data logging and storage capabilities.
  • The improvement of the position of the terminal prevents the current from being backflushed and burns out the controller, and also protects the battery, making the charging process safer.
  • The screen comes with a backlight function. Just click any button and the screen will light up, which is convenient for night or low light.
  • 2.0A USB output interface for faster charging. Solve the troubles of customers' mobile phones or electronic devices.

Wiring Diagram
pwm solar charge controller wiring diagram

Tips: PWM Solar Charge Controller Protection

  • Overcharge protection. When the charging voltage is higher than the protection voltage, the battery is automatically turned off to charge. When the voltage drops to the maintenance voltage, the battery enters the floating state. When the voltage is lower than the recovery voltage, the floating charge is turned off and the charging state is entered.
  • Over-discharge protection. When the battery voltage is lower than the protection voltage, the controller automatically turns off the output to protect the battery from damage. When the battery is recharged, it can automatically resume power supply.
  • Over-current and short-circuit protection of the load. After the load current exceeds 10A or the load is short-circuited, the fuse is blown and can be used after replacement.
  • Overvoltage protection. When the voltage is too high, the output is automatically turned off to protect the appliance from damage.
    With anti-reverse function. Use Schottky diode to prevent the battery from charging the solar battery.
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User Manual

PDF PWM Solar Charge Cotroller User Manual

Existing reviews
I was surprised by the efficiency of the charge controller
Through my search, I came across this 30 amp PWM charge controller, in short, it works great, I am amazed at its efficiency, and shipping to California is not required, the controller is perfect for not only beginners but also dedicated and experienced engineers!
Théo Yhpm | 4/28/2022 1:53 AM
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Easy and fast setup
There is a digital display on the screen. All I want is a basic controller that rarely goes wrong, so this one (so far) seems like a good cheap option.
Nelson Olia | 4/26/2022 2:02 AM
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Use of 30 Amp solar charge controller
Can i use the usbs to transfer data from the 30Amp solar charge controller to something else?
Yellie Yellie | 6/30/2021 7:48 PM
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Responded by
No. Only to charge devices with. It does not transfer data.
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