3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave UPS Inverter

3000W pure sine wave ups inverter at affordable price, with LED indicators for power and protections. Uninterruptible power supply inverter built-in 3-stages battery charger, ups inverter with battery allow to run loads while charging. Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation and strong shock resistance. It is easy to connect batteries.
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Pure sine wave ups inverter for sale with 3000 watt (3KVA). It has with USB output port, ideally qualified for powering phone, laptop, etc. Ups inverter is easy to connect batteries or vehicles' batteries.


  • Uninterruptible power sorce inverter with pure sine wave output (THD<3%)
  • 3KVA UPS inverter built-in 3-stages battery charger, allow to run loads while charging.
  • Automatically switch with a ultra-fast switching time.
  • Soft-start technology.
  • High efficiency-converts the battery’s available power.
  • 90% pure sine wave output, low distortion, waveform and main power line AC waveform are basically the same, equipment accuracy is small, low interference, low noise, strong load capacity, can meet any type of AC load, without damaging the load.
  • Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation and strong shock resistance.
  • Optional crocodile clip and cigar lighters, easy to connect batteries or vehicles' batteries.
  • 3000 watt UPS inverter with USB charging port: 5V, ideally qualified for powering your phone, laptop, etc.
  • LED indicators for power and protections.
  • Switch-mode design in UPS inverter, easy to use.
  • Intelligent fan for cooling, long use life.

Parameter List:

Model ATO-UPSI-3000
Rated power 3000W (3KVA)
Peak power 6000W
Input voltage DC 12V DC 24V DC 48V
Output voltage 100VAC or 110VAC or 120VAC or 220VAC or 230VAC or 240VAC±5%
Unload current less than 0.4A 0.3A 0.2A
Output frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz or 60Hz±0.5Hz
Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
Power switching time ≤ 9 ms
Phase 1- Phase (L, N, G), Do Not provide split phase configuration (L1, L2 + N, G)
Waveform distortion THD<3% (Linear load)
USB port 5V 1A
Max.efficiency 90%
Input current 20A 10A 5A
Input voltage range 10-15.5V 20-31V 40-61V
Low voltage alarm 10.5±0.5V 21±0.5V 42±1V
Low voltage protection 10±0.5V 20±0.5V 40±15V
Over voltage protection 15.5±0.5V 31±0.5V 61±1V
Low voltage recover 12.3±0.5V 24±0.5V 48±1V
Over voltage recover 14.8V±0.5V 29.5V±0.5V 59V±1V
Low voltage Alarm at first, voltage continuously reduce. LED red light on and shut down
Over voltage LED red light on, shut down
Over load LED red light on, shut down
Over temperature Alarm at first, tempurature continuously rise. LED red light on and shut down
Short circuit LED red light on
Input reverse polarity Fuse burn-out
Working temperature —10 ℃—+50 ℃
Storage temperature —30 ℃—+70 ℃
Dimension (mm) 396*180*130
Packing (mm) 500*280*220
Net. / gross weight (g) 7000/8500
QTY / Cth 2Pcs
Meas.Ctn (mm) 520*200*270
Warranty 12 months
Cooling method Intelligent air cooling

Pure Sine Wave UPS Inverter Output Sockets (Optional)

UPS inverter socketsApplication:

UPS inverter application

Tips: Precautions For Using the UPS

  1. Ensure that the UPS installation environment is free from direct sunlight and has sufficient ventilation space. Ensure that the temperature of the UPS installation environment is not higher than 25℃. If the operating environment temperature exceeds 25℃, the battery life is shortened by about half for every 10℃ increase in temperature.
  2. It is not recommended to use high-power silicon controlled rectifier load or half-wave rectifier load at the output end of the UPS power supply. Such load may cause the final drive transistor of the inverter to be burned.
  3. Strictly follow the correct startup and shutdown sequence to prevent the UPS power supply voltage output from fluctuating due to sudden load increase or decrease.
  4. Do not turn off or on the UPS power frequently. After turning off the UPS power, wait at least 30 seconds before turning on the UPS power. The reasons for the high frequency of UPS power failures are as follows: When the user frequently starts or shuts down, the UPS power supply carries the load to switch between inverter power supply and bypass power supply.
  5. For most UPS power supplies, keeping the load within 50 to 60 percent of their rated output is optimal. It is recommended that the maximum starting load of UPS power supply be controlled within 80%. If overloading is used, the inverter triode will often be broken down in the inverter state. Do not excessively light load operation, this situation is easy to cause battery failure because the battery discharge current is too small.
  6. Maintain the UPS power supply periodically, such as observing the indicator status, removing dust, measuring battery voltage, replacing unqualified batteries, checking the running status of fans, and monitoring and adjusting UPS system parameters.
  7. UPS power supply is suitable for micro capacitive load, not for live inductive load, such as air conditioning, motor, electric drill, fan, etc. If the UPS power supply is resistive or inductive, reduce the load to avoid overload.
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Useful 3000 watt ups inverter
I used it right away. 3000 watt ups inverter just works perfect from my laundry room. Smoothly run a washer, dryer and fan at the same time. Since I make everything right, the inverter is now set in stone in the cabinet.
Glack Mark | 10/28/2022 1:24 AM
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Top quality product
I'm very pleased with this inverter. Functioned as intended. It is easy to set up. So far so good. I used it for a battery for my sump. Top quality product. I will buy this ups inverter again.
Monserrat Jones | 11/10/2021 7:02 PM
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