4000 Watt Off Grid Solar Inverter Charger, 48V

4000 watt (6000VA) off grid inverter for sales, with battery charging, pure sine wave output, LCD digital display show voltage, load and battery info in real time. 48V DC input to 120V/ 240V AC output, strong loading capacity and peak power more than 3 times.
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Best and cheap 48 volt solar off grid inverter/ inverter charger on online store, which is 4000W (6000VA) power rating, converting 48V DC to 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC. This low frequency inverter charger is perfect for most off grid systems.


  • Pure sine wave output for compatibility with loads of different types
  • Visualization of operation status of the equipment through a digital LCD
  • Automatically transfer between battery and line modes
  • Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%) for wide range of applications and harsh environment
  • A wide range of input voltage, accurate output and all automatic voltage stabilization
  • Overall protection functions (battery overvoltage protection, battery under voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection)

Parameter List

Model ATO-OGI-4000
Rated capacity 6000VA
Rated power load 4000W
Size 620*270*220mm
Net weight 40kg
Input DC input  DC 42-60V (48V)
AC input  110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC (Same as the output voltage)
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz±5% (Auto)
Output Voltage 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC (optional)
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz±5% (Auto)
Wave form Pure sine wave
Transfer efficiency ≥85% (full load)
Wave form distortion factor ≤3%
Output power load factor ≤0.8
Protection Overload capacity 105-120% at 30s; 120-150% at 10s; >150% at 5s
Low voltage DC 10.5 (12V)/ DC 21 (24V)/ DC 42 (48V)/ DC 84 (96V), Alarm and shut down
High temperature 85℃, Auto shut down after alarm
Short-circuit Automatic shut-down
Over voltage DC 17V (12V)/ DC 33V (24V)/ DC 66V (48V)/ DC 128V (96V), Auto shut down after alarm
Grid charge Charge current 0-30A adjust (It's the current range for charging the battery under (AC) commercial power preferred mode)
Function Setting Time & date setting, Contrast, Brightness, Sound, Voltage switch, Grid charger, Clear records, Reset
Work mode Grid fist/ battery first/ standby mode
LCD display Record (fault record), system information
Others Switch time ≤4ms
Cooling method Fan
Noise <60 dBA
Protection grade IP30
Working temperature -10~50℃
Environment Humidity 10%~90% (No condensation)
Working elevation <3000 (>1000m, derating)
Certificate CE, RoHS
Warranty period 12 months

Inverter for Solar Panel System

700 watt to 6000 watt off grid inverter system

Tips: What are the requirements of electrolytic capacitors for PV solar inverter?

As an important part of photovoltaic power generation, the main function of solar inverters is to convert DC from photovoltaic modules into AC. So, what are the requirements of electrolytic capacitors for photovoltaic solar inverters?

1. High voltage

General high-power photovoltaic solar inverters incorporate the converted AC directly into the high-voltage power grid, but from the safety point of view, the output voltage of photovoltaic battery pack is generally not higher than 900V, two 450V electrolytic capacitors can be selected in series, but in order to improve security, two 500V electrolytic capacitors can be selected in series. Therefore, high voltage capacitors are needed to reduce the series connection of capacitors and improve reliability.

2. High ripple resistance

In general, the current flowing through capacitors of photovoltaic inverters is 0.44 times of the effective value of the output current of the inverters. For example, the output voltage of photovoltaic inverters is 250V, the output current corresponding to 1 kW output power is about 2.54A, and the current flowing through DC bus capacitors is 1.12A. DC bus capacitors of 100 kW PV solar inverters need to flow through 112A RMS current. The rated current of the selected capacitors should not be lower than this value. If the rated current of an electrolytic capacitor can not meet the requirements, it is necessary to select multiple electrolytic capacitors in parallel to obtain the required current value. Therefore, a single electrolytic capacitor with high ripple resistance is required to reduce the number of parallel electrolytic capacitors and improve the overall reliability.

Products specifications
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User Manual

PDFOff Grid Solar Inverter User Manual

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Especially satisfied with the after-sales service
The off grid solar inverter was easy to install on my solar system. So far it is working well and have been able to use it to power and operate my entire house. The inverter really works well and is worth every penny compared to other products! And I am very happy with the customer service.
Ramsay Pmas | 4/27/2022 3:10 AM
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Great quality.
This has been one of the best purchases I ever made. It arrived on time, was well protected by the packaging. This off grid inverter is very easy to install. Appears to be pretty good quality so far. I am very happy with this product.
Mesnard White | 4/25/2022 7:09 PM
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Running smoothly
This 48V off grid solar inverter looks great. The casing is very attractive. I am very satisfied that it runs smoothly.
Wulph Wulph | 7/5/2021 7:37 PM
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