Can I Install Solar System by Myself

As solar system is not complicated in installation, and easy to understand its operating principle, some people may think to install the solar system without getting dedicated solar company, or specified personnel, so they can save design and installation costs. The question is that right to do so? And what will be the side effects?

Generally, the solar photovoltaic system with its different types (grid Tie, off grid inverter, and hybrid) deal with risky voltages values, its alive electricity with voltages that can hurt and cause die to human in case of direct contact. Also, there are some technical areas that needs solar professionals to deal with, like the issues related to wind loading and how the solar system can withstand this safely, how to make voltage compatibility between solar panels power inverter configurations, and how to do installation and commission for the solar inverter. One more important thing is that in order to get solar rebates for the residential solar system from your government, your solar system must be installed by professional, licensed and accredited solar system installers.

Schematic diagram of solar PV system

For such aforementioned reasons, we confirm that you have to not install the solar system yourself, and to left that work to the solar professional for your safety and to avoid troubles, also to get max reliability and efficiency from your solar system.

Actually, installing the solar system strongly needs to be applied through specialized and professional installers, because it’s not just to make a connection and tight screws, absolutely no! There are two important studies to be done before installation, it’s the design and the economic feasibility study. As solar system has considerable capital cost, an accurate study should be made before going ahead. We have to know, if our premises are suitable or not, how much electricity we shall get from the solar system, will we get paid from the electric utility? What will be electricity bill saving? What will be the retune on investment? And much more questions that we have to have their answers before installing the solar system, and only the design studies will be able to answer.

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