150W Car Power Inverter, DC 12V to AC 110V/220V

Buy 150W car power inverter online to power your electronics on the go. This modified sine wave inverter can convert 12V DC from your car's cigarette lighter to 110V or 220V AC power, compact design and light weight, easy to charge a laptop, tablet, cellphone or other devices less than 150 Watt via the AC outlet and USB port.
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12 Volt car power inverter can deliver up to 150W continuous and 300W peak power, and provide modified sine wave AC power of 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz. Travel-sized car inverter is ideal for charging your electronics in the car at any time and anywhere.


Model ATO-C150W
Input Voltage DC 12V 1*25A MAX
Input Voltage Range DC 11-14V
Output Voltage AC 220V±10V/AC 110V±10V
Continuous Power 150W
Peak Power 300W
Output Frequency 50Hz±1Hz/60Hz±1Hz
Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave
USB Port Dual USB: 5V 1A + 2.1A MAX AUTO
Efficiency ≥87%
Low Voltage Protection 9.8V±0.5V
High Voltage Protection 15.5V±0.5V
Output Jack Small Euro socket or American socket
Cooling Fan 2-stage temperature control
Overload Protection >150W
Overheat Protection >60℃
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Size 82*64*38mm
Weight 0.3kg
Warranty 1 year

Car Inverter Description

150W 12V Car Inverter Description

Tips: Car inverter for Road Trips

In the road trip, especially long road driving, a car inverter is great in convenience. Now the popular car inverter on the market basically is to convert 12V DC power to 110V or 220V AC home power, rated power at 75W, 150W, 200W etc. This kind of car inverter can meet the demand of charging mobile phones, tablets. What’s more, the car inverter is light and compact, most convenient on the road to charge your laptop (not even afraid of WKS), SLR camera, GoPr, walkie-talkie and unmanned aerial vehicle at the same time. The price of the car inverter is not very high, you can directly buy online, convenient and fast.

Existing reviews
Car inverter makes my trip more enjoyable
The USB plug in my RV can’t satisfy all my home appliances, so I need to buy a car power inverter, which can charge my laptop, TV, stereo, camcorder, digital camera, and car refrigerator. So far, I haven’t had any heating problems, I had a great trip.
Feomon Poliu | 1/17/2023 1:31 AM
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Small and practical
This car power inverter brings great convenience to my life. And I can keep it in my car all the time. It's small and practical. I will order more.
Bruce Adam | 12/7/2022 10:58 PM
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Works great
This works great. I use this 150W car power inverter for my heated lunchbox and phone. The cord could be a little longer, but it's very lightweight and compact. I would definitely buy it again.
Holley Edwin | 11/17/2022 11:19 PM
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Car inverter works well
I really like the car charger, the only shortcoming is that the charging port is too close, only one can be inserted, if the charge is too large, a little apart may be two can be used. But the overall use is very good, we feel very satisfied with the purchase.
Elijah Eikl | 10/27/2022 7:27 PM
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Useful 150W inverter
This 150W car inverter is so useful. Small and easy to carry. I have already bought a 75W car inverter from the website. Try to buy a 150W this time. The quality is also very good.
Chobe Edward | 6/20/2022 3:20 AM
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Works very well
On this long trip, we brought a lot of electronic devices for use, including mobile phones and tablets and cameras. This car power inverter is helpful. Works well for my purposes. I will recommend it to my friends and family.
Glack Mark | 4/26/2022 8:32 PM
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Portable car inverter
I received this portable inverter a few days ago and tried to charge it for a while. It works well and won't heat up. I'll buy another one if necessary.
Tolmie Vasquez | 4/25/2022 8:32 PM
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Great for laptop
I bought it to charge my laptop during the trip. It has no noise, charges quickly, and does not get hot. I'll take it with me on my trip recently.
navreen Bridge | 4/25/2022 8:25 PM
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A great inverter
I like the weight and size of this 150-watt car inverter. It fits your briefcase or backpack. These are convenient for camping or long-distance bus travel. My children also like it because they can charge the iPad.
Isbel Baker | 4/25/2022 8:19 PM
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Easy to carry
I use a 150W car power inverter to charge my mobile phone, tablet, and laptop at the same time. This is much easier than having to carry different chargers for all devices.
Heining Wilson | 4/25/2022 12:54 AM
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Excellent power inverter
The 150W car inverter I bought is an excellent product. Well done and affordable, small but working as expected, I'll consider buying another one.
Heric Wilson | 4/25/2022 12:34 AM
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Fits my devices perfectly
I bought this little car inverter because I often use cars at work. It powers everything I need.
Venus Adrian | 4/22/2022 2:33 AM
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Convenient and helpful
I drive an EV and regularly work on my laptop in my car while it's charging so I needed something to plug my laptop into. It works great and does exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend this product.
Monserrat Jones | 1/17/2022 6:23 PM
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Convenient 150W car power inverter
This is a 2500W car power inverter that is very suitable for travel. It can charge my mobile phone and laptop anytime, anywhere. very convenient.
Ksnides Ksnides | 10/20/2021 1:29 AM
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Really happy with this inverter.
This little inverter came with well packaged. It is light and handy. This is perfect uint to have in the car. It worked great for my one road trip. I plugged my phone charger into the USB port, and it also charged my tablet with no problem. Really happy with this inverter.
Ray Leman | 10/17/2019 7:51 PM
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