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12v 300w Inverter, 12v to 110v/220v Power Inverter

12V 300-watt power inverter for sale. The modified sine wave inverter delivers 600-watt peak power and converts 12V DC from battery or car lighter to AC 110V or 220V household power. Come with a USB port, 12V to 110V inverter can be a universal outlet for fast-charging electronic devices. Built-in cooling fan to protect your device from damage, the inverter for home is usually applied in refrigerators, rice cookers, air conditioners, etc.
From $56.08

12v 500w Inverter, 12v to 120v/220v Power Inverter

500-watt 12V to 120V inverter with DC 12V input voltage, peak power up to 1000W, and max efficiency reach 90%. Equipped with USB port 5V 1A, the power inverter can work at temperatures (-10°C, 50°C), and an intelligent cooling fan can promote heat dissipation. Modified sine inverter is usually used in refrigerators, washing machines, range hoods, and other fields.
From $65.89

12v 600w Inverter, 12v to 110v/220v Power Inverter

600-watt modified sine inverter for sale, unload current less than 0.3A, peak power 1200W. Equipped with a USB port, the 12V to 110V inverter can work at temperatures (10°C, 50°C). The power inverter with an intelligent cooling fan can remote control, wired control (3m), or wireless control (20m). Output Frequency 50Hz+0.5Hz or 60Hz+0.5Hz, max efficiency 90%.
From $72.03

12v 1000w Inverter, 12v to 120v/220v Power Inverter

1000 watt 12V power inverter for sale, input voltage DC 12V, continuous power 1000W and unload current less than 0.8A. Comes with a USB port, and the 12V to 110V inverters’ max efficiency reaches 90%, works at (-10°C, 50°C), and stores at (-30°C, 70°C). Modified sine inverter is compatible with air conditioners, washing machines, ovens, and so on.
From $108.38

12v 1500w Inverter, 12v to 120v/230v Power Inverter

1500w modified sine wave power inverter comes with an intelligent cooling fan, input voltage range (10V-15.5V), and max efficiency of 90%. Equipped with a USB port, the power inverter can work at (-10°C, 50°C), and peak power reaches 3000W. Affordable inverter price, compatible with air conditioners, range hoods, computers, cell phones, etc.
From $140.65

12v 2000w Inverter, 12v to 110v/240v Power Inverter

12V power inverter with continuous power 2000 watt, 4000 watt peak power, and max efficiency 90%. The 2000w modified sine wave inverter can convert 12 Volt DC to 110/120 Volt or 220/230/240 Volt AC modified sine wave power, with built-in fuses, cooling fan, multi-protections against low voltage, high voltage, overload, overheating, short circuit and reverse connection. Affordable power inverter price, easy to use and install.
From $182.28

12v 3000w Inverter, 12v to 110v/220v Power Inverter

3000w power inverter with input voltage DC 12V for sale, peak power 6000w and max efficiency 90%. Output frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz or 60Hz±0.5Hz, USB port 5V 1A. With full safety protections, a built-in fuse, and a cooling fan, a reliable inverter for home is used to supply AC power for charging the devices when traveling outside.
From $249.76

A 12V inverter is an electronic device that converts 12V DC power into 220V AC power. This type of inverter is typically used to convert automotive or other 12V DC power sources into standard household or industrial power to power a variety of devices. inverter.com provides inverters from 300w to 3000w. Modified sine wave power inverter can provide you 110/120V or 220/230V/240V AC power with high efficiency and reliability. 

12V power inverters are widely used in vehicle electrical equipment, such as mobile phone chargers, laptops, TVs, game consoles, LED lights, etc. By using a 12V inverter, these devices can be used in the car or outdoors without having to worry about power issues.

Things to consider when choosing a 12v inverter

  • DC Voltage: The DC voltage of the power inverter for home must match your battery. For example, if you are using a 12V battery, then you should choose a 12V inverter.
  • Output power: The output power of the portable power inverter must be greater than the maximum power of the equipment you need to use. For some occasions where high-power equipment needs to be started, such as motors or air conditioners, an additional power margin needs to be left.
  • Inverter type: Common inverters include pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters. The former is more suitable for electronic equipment, and the latter is more ideal for mechanical equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable inverter type based on actual usage requirements.
  • Waveform quality: Different types of loads have different requirements for waveform quality. For example, audio or video equipment requires higher-quality waveforms.
  • Working environment: Working environment conditions such as temperature, humidity, etc. will also affect the performance of the 12v power inverter. Selecting a suitable inverter according to the actual working environment is necessary.
  • Safety: When choosing a power inverter for home, you should consider its safety performance, such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, etc.