Power Inverter Solution

RV transformation has always been a lot of people attach importance to the topic, many people find that if you have a RV travel, although there is a sense of home, but there are some problems. Pure sine wave inverter is an electric energy conversion device that converts direct current into alternating current. It completes the inverter task by conducting and turning off power semiconductor devices according to specific rules. Coupled with the uninterruptible power supply, the function of the inverter is very rich, and then paired with the off-grid inverter and monocrystalline silicon solar panels, for the transformation of the RV is also a great help.

The perfect combination of house and car has also become a difficult problem to solve. Inverter.com provides the following suggestions on how to convert your beloved cars successfully.

Recreational vehicle

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  • Pure sine wave ups inverter: uses soft-start technology, with pure sine wave output, built-in 3-stages battery charger, aluminum shell with good heat dissipation
  • Off-grid inverter: automatically transfer between battery and line modes, compatibility with loads of different types
  • Solar panel: durable and waterproof, with high efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell

Power Inverter Retrofit RV Solution:

First, placement of front and rear beds.

  • Placement of front bed. After the seat is flat forward, the hard wood board can be fixed on the back of the seat to make the bed surface, and the fixed screw can be rotated mainly, so that the owner is relatively high randomness. Then, the cabinet cover plate is turned over, the scale specification of the bed is about: 1.25*1.8 meters. That solves the problem of using the bed.
  • Placement of the back bed. The rear seat for 2 people can be set up as a kitchen, the left door is set up as a cabinet for pots and pans, the right door cabinet is a microwave oven, and next to the wheel hub is a stainless steel water tank. The table can pull a power cord, can solve the problem of electric cooking. If the chair is opened, the space can be changed into a place for cooking and homework. The cover plate at the back can be turned over into a bed of 1.22*1.8 meters. RV life is equipped with basic Settings: inverter, kitchen stove. The stainless steel is bent to make a tray, and the cover plate is opened and closed by a strong magnet.

Two faucets are installed in the center of the left side, one is connected to the water tank for washing water, the other is direct drinking water, and the drawer and refrigerator are below. The full space under the sink is changed into a storage room, which can put some odds and ends, and maximize the use of space. It is best to customize a 50 liter refrigerator, where the car battery is directly connected to the power supply to the refrigerator. Your fridge will be running on electricity, allowing you to enjoy fresh ingredients and cold drinks for the summer.

Second, installation of off-grid roof tent.

RV with off grid inverter

  • The top of the car is made of luggage rack. The top height of the car is 2345mm, and it needs to ensure that it does not exceed 2500 after installation. Therefore, the false height of the frame is 130mm. The skylight of the bus is opened at the back just not to damage the structure of the bus, the skylight is used as an escape window and air exchange function, because the ventilation hole is only a slit of two millimeters wide and 80 millimeters long, it can not be used as an exhaust fan, increase the ventilation hole to 12 mm *80 mm to ensure good ventilation.
  • Add solar energy off-grid inverter, a single block of scale 1200*540, 2180*1200 mm after combination is fixed in the structure, structure 50*3 angle steel (preferably aluminum alloy), between the panel and Angle steel with 3 mm rubber, structural glue, 8 mm screw connection, glass glue seal. Waterproof tent cloth and structure with adhesive connection, the roof of the tent with herringbone roof, two 100 kg 1 meter long pole, the front hinge and structure connection.
  • The panel assembly is embedded in the luggage rack, which is made of 1.5mm thick cold-pressed steel, bent, welded and painted. 8 8 mm screws are fixed in the car reinforcement, pad 50*50*10 mm rubber, does not affect the water, there is a ring frame and the whole ring of the roof touch, sealant seal, the board frame is smaller than the solar panel structure, so the water will not enter the inside, the roof punching structure glue seal.

Third, electrical part.

RV with ups inverter and solar panel

  • Five 120W solar panels, two 200A storage battery, under the passenger seat, 3000W pure sine wave ups inverter in the middle of two, the controller can be installed in a convenient place, so that is beautiful and practical.
  • The electromagnetic switches, relays and control switches are all installed on the passenger side. Use the direct relay in the positive and negative switch, the top is connected to the main battery, the bottom is connected to the secondary battery, and the upper and lower are disconnected, so that the main and secondary batteries are completely separated. When driving, the top is often closed and connected. When the main battery is not powered, it needs to borrow the deputy battery to start the car before closing down. After the car, the relay will operate, the electromagnetic switch is connected, and the main and deputy batteries will be charged together.