Frequency Inverter Solution

A frequency inverter, also known as a variable frequency drive (VFD) or an adjustable speed drive (ASD), is an electronic device used to control the speed and torque of an electric motor. It converts the fixed frequency and voltage of the power supply into a variable frequency and voltage output.

Frequency inverters are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications where precise control over motor speed is required. They offer several benefits, including energy savings, improved process control, reduced mechanical stress on equipment, and increased motor efficiency. By adjusting the motor speed according to the required load, frequency inverters can optimize energy consumption and reduce wear and tear on the motor and connected machinery. The basic principle of a frequency inverter involves converting the incoming AC power to DC (direct current) through a rectifier. The DC power is then fed into an inverter that generates a variable-frequency AC output. The inverter adjusts the frequency of the output voltage to control the motor speed.

Construction hoist is an essential and important construction equipment in modern high-rise construction with large tower cranes. Especially in the high-rise, super high-rise building construction as an extremely important task, to ensure the construction schedule and safety, reduce construction costs, reduce labor intensity plays an irreplaceable role. At the same time is also an important symbol of the construction team equipment level. According to the general experience, each high-rise tower crane with at least one construction hoist. 

The combination of the lift and frequency inverter to use, to the construction industry to provide a great help, but also can play a better role. will show you how frequency inverter can help the construction industry the most.

Construction industry products for use:

Single phase frequency inverter  Single phase to three phase frequency inverter  3 phase frequency inverter 
Single Phase Frequency Inverter Single to Three Phase Frequency Inverter 3 Phase Frequency Inverter


Introduction to general lifts for building construction:

Lift machine

  • Control System. The control system is the key part of the construction hoist, which determines the performance of the whole machine. The rise, fall and stop function of common hoist are realized by contactor-relay control, and the speed is single, the start and brake impact is big, the damage to structure and mechanism is more serious, the electrical components are also easy to damage, and the running speed is relatively low, which affects both the construction speed and the benefit of construction enterprises. If simply increase the speed will cause excessive acceleration, the structure and the impact of the mechanism is too large and accelerate the wear of the gear rack and brake disc, thus reducing the reliability of operation.
  • Starting and Braking System. The start of ordinary lifts are taken directly or star-delta buck start, the impact is very large, causing serious damage to the motor and electrical components, while the material inside the lift is easy to fall, especially some construction site lifts and passenger phenomenon, which poses a great safety hazard. The brakes of ordinary lifts are forced to brake using mechanical brakes, when the lift suddenly drops from high speed to zero speed, due to the role of inertia, not only damage to the structure and mechanism, and the material inside the lift is easy to fall, there are also certain safety hazards.

Advantages of using frequency inverter in building construction:

  • Soft Start. Compared with the industrial frequency starting method, the use of frequency inverter control can reduce the vibration and shock of mechanical parts, saving the cost of maintenance for users and stable operation.
  • Smooth Braking. Combined with the brake unit, the braking is smooth and accurate without the phenomenon of "car sliding".
  • High Start-up Torque. Adopting high performance control mode with adjustable torque boost, it provides stable and high output torque in low frequency band.
  • Security. Advanced modern AC frequency conversion speed control technology is used to transform the lift electric dragging system, so that the motor can realize smooth operation, improve operating efficiency, improve overload operation, eliminate starting and braking impact, reduce electrical maintenance and lower power consumption. It also has over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and input phase loss protection, as well as inverter over-temperature, overload and motor fault protection. The induction speed control technology effectively solves the transmission shock of the mechanism and extends the service life of gears, rollers, bearings and rack. Since the frequency inverter has the function of current limiting, it reduces the inrush current to the power grid when the motor starts, eases the mutual influence between power-using equipment, and the current-carrying capacity of the cable is greatly improved. The power supply cable does not have to be increased, compared with the normal speed lifter, but can be reduced. It saves cost and creates convenience for receiving and discharging cables.

The technical transformation of the lift power dragging system by using our frequency inverter not only enhances the safety and reliability of the equipment, but also hardly feels the impact between the mechanical systems during the starting and stopping process, which greatly improves the smoothness and comfort during the operation of the lift, and saves a lot of electric energy for the enterprise and society, and greatly improves the working efficiency.