30 Amp 12/24/48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

High efficiency 30 Amp MPPT solar charge controller, best choice for utilizing your solar panel, 12V/24V/48V automatic identify, Max PV input power 420W/12V, 840W/24V, and 1650W/48V, intelligent LCD display, 3-stage battery charging to prolong the battery's life, with perfect protection function.
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  • MPPT solar charge controller 12V/24V/48V auto identification, max. PV input voltage 150V, maximum PV input power 420W (12V), 840W (24V), 1650W (48V).
  • LCD display real-time power generation and current, daily power generation, cumulative power generation and fault record.
  • Adopting the advanced MPPT algorithm to track the maximum power point of solar power generation in real time, high charging efficiency over 98.5% and tracking accuracy over 99.73%.
  • Support lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries and lithium batteries. 3-stage battery charging for efficiency and safety.
  • Battery temperature sensor (BTS) automatically provides temperature compensation to ensure the controller's life.
  • Multiple protection including PV array short circuit, overvoltage, and overcurrent reverse polarity protection; battery overcharge, reverse connection, under voltage protection.


Rated Voltage 12V/24V/48V Auto
Rated Current 30 Amp
Maximum Protection Current 32 Amp
Battery Voltage Identification Range 12V (DC 9V-15V), 24V (DC 18V-30V), 48V (DC 36V-60V)
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 12V (DC 18V-150V), 24V (DC 34V-150V), 48V (DC 65V-150V)
Maximum PV Input Power 12V: 420W, 24V: 840W, 48V: 1650W
PV Input Low Voltage Protection Point 12V: DC 16V, 24V: DC 30V, 48V DC 60V
PV Input Low Voltage Recovery Point 12V: DC 18V, 24V: DC 34V, 48V DC 65V
Limit Input Voltage DC 170V
PV Input Overvoltage Protection Point DC 175V
PV Input Overvoltage Recovery Point DC 170V
Charging Method 3 stage: constant current (MPPT), equalize charge, float charge
System Type 12/24/48V Automatic identify (36V manual setting)
Static Power Consumption 2W
Machine Efficiency 96.50%
PV Module Utilization 99.97%
Float Charge Voltage 12V (13.75V), 24V (27.5V), 48V (55V)
Equalize Charge Voltage 12V (14.2V), 24V (28.4V), 48V (56.8V)
Recommanded PV Module Voltage 12V (DC 18V-60V), 24V (DC 36V-72V), 48V (DC 72V-144V)
Temperature Compensation -3mV℃/2V
Temperature Protection 85℃
Temperature Rise Protection 80℃ or more to reduce power output
Protective Function PV array short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent reverse polarity protection; battery overcharge, reverse connection protection, under voltage protection
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +45℃
Humidity 0~90% RH (no condensation)
Altitude 0~3000m
Security Level CE, PSE, FCC, EMC
Mechanical Protection Class IP21
Optional Battery Type* Lead-acid battery (Factory default), colloidal batteries, liquid batteries, lithium batteries (Also can be customized for other types of battery charging)
Product Size 218*154*65mm
Weight 2.6kg


* If you need this controller for charging the lithium battery, please contact us in advance and provide us the parameters of your lithium battery including equalize charge voltage, float charge voltage, maximum charge current, end-of-discharge voltage, and recovery voltage, so as to help you choose a most suitable charger controller.

Wiring Diagram

MPPT solar charge controller connection diagram

Tips: Solar Charge Controller Types

Solar charge controller can be divided into PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers according to the charging method.

PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) is used to control the analog circuit via the digital output of the microprocessor. The PWM solar charge controller usually adopts 3-stage charging mode. It solves the problem of battery charge not fully charging, short battery life. Nowadays, the technology of PWM charge controllers is very mature and the price is low. However, the amount of power generated of PV system will be lower than the value we originally designed, so that the solar panel is not fully utilized.

MPPT solar charge controller, refers to the charge controller with "Maximum Power Point Tracking" function. MPPT solar charge controller can detect solar panel voltage and current in real time, and continuously track the maximum power (P = U * I). Thus, it makes the system always charge the battery with maximum power. The MPPT tracking efficiency is up to 99%, and the whole system power generation efficiency is as high as 97%. Although it is priced higher than PWM solar charge controller, MPPT solar charge controller is best choice to replace the PWM in terms of technology and energy savings.


30 Amp 12/24/48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller reviews
Great solar charge controller for 24v battery bank
Simple install and easy to use with directional buttons. Works as advertised without issue. I connected it to my 24v battery bank and the charge controller has been working well for me. The LCD display gives me the real-time process of controlling the state of charge. Very pleased with this purchase.
Ken Ramon | 10/22/2019 7:13 PM
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