10kW Hybrid Solar Inverter

Single phase 300-900 volt DC input, hybrid PV solar inverter operates at 50Hz/60Hz low frequency, 10kW rated capacity, LCD display main parameters, with wide MPPT voltage 350-850V/ 400-800V, easy to install, it is a perfect solution for solar power system.
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Hot sale off grid inverter is 10000W high power capacity, max power to 14850 watt, pure sine wave output, with wide MPPT voltage 350-850V/400-800 DC and max efficiency up to 91%, single phase 230V- 400V AC (184~265V) output, hybrid solar inverter provides a full range scheme of power protection.


  • Combine power for self-use and grid connection.
  • The priority supply sequence of solar, battery power and city power can be set.
  • The charging current can be adjusted according to a variety of battery types.
  • Optional modes: grid-connected mode, off-grid mode and grid-connected energy storage mode.
  • The built-in timer can set the machine on/off time.
  • The LCD panel can display various detailed information.
  • Configure multiple communication ports.

Parameter List:

Model ATO-HSI-10kW48-230
Rated Power 10000W
PV INPUT (DC) Maximum DC Power 14850W
Nominal DC Voltage DC 720V
Maximum DC Voltage DC 900V
Working DC Voltage Range DC 300V-900V
Start-up Voltage / Initial Feeding Voltage 320V/350V
MPP Voltage Range DC 350V~850V-DC 400V~800V
Full Load MPP Voltage Range DC 500V-DC 800V
Maximum Input Current 2*18.6A
Isc PV (absolute maximum) 25A
Max. inverter back feed current to the array 0A
GRID OUTPUT (AC) Nominal Output Voltage  AC 230V(P-N)-AC 400V(P-P)
Output Voltage Range AC 184V-265V per phase
Output Frequency Range 47.5-51.5Hz~59.3-60.5Hz
Nominal Output Current 14.5A/phase
Inrush Current/Duration 17A per phase/20ms
Maximum Output Fault Current/Duration 51A per phase/1ms
Maximum output Overcurrent Protection 51A per phase
Power Factor Range 0.9 lead - 0.9 lag
AC INPUT AC Start-up Voltage AC 120V-140V
Auto Restart Voltage AC 180V
Acceptable Input Voltage Range AC 170V-280V
Nominal Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
AC Input Power 10000VA / 10000W
Maximum AC Input Current 40A
Inrush Input Current 40A/1ms
BATTERY MODE OUTPUT (AC) Nominal Output Voltage  AC 230V(P-N)-AC 400V(P-P)
Output Frequency Range 50 Hz / 60 Hz (auto sensing)
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Output Power 10000VA/10000W
Efficiency (DC to AC) 91%
BATTERY & CHARGER (Lead-acid/Li-ion) DC Voltage Range DC 40V–60V
Nominal DC Voltage DC 48V
Maximum Battery Discharging Current 275A
Maximum Charging Current 200A
GENERAL PHYSICAL Dimension, D*W*H (mm) 622*500*167.2
Net Weight (kgs) 45
INTERACE Communication Port RS-232/USB
Intelligent Slot Optional SNMP, Modbus and AS-400 cards available
ENVIRONMENT Protective Class I
Ingress Protection Rating IP20
Humidity 0 ~ 90% RH (No condensing)
Operating Temperature  -10 to 55°C (Power derating above 50°C)
Altitude Max. 2000m*

Tips: How to Select the Mounting Location of 10kW Hybrid Solar Inverter?

Consider the following points before selecting where to install 10kW hybrid solar inverter:

  1. Do not mount the inverter on flammable construction materials.
  2. Mount 10kW hybrid solar inverter on a solid surface.
  3. This inverter can make noises during operation which may be perceived as a nuisance in a living area.
  4. Install this hybrid solar inverter at eye level in order to allow the LCD display to be read at all times.
  5. For proper air circulation to dissipate heat, allow a clearance of approx. 20 cm to the side and approx. 50 cm above and below the unit.
  6. Dusty conditions on the unit may impair the performance of this 10kW hybrid inverter.
  7. The ambient temperature should be between 0°C and 40°C and relative humidity should be between 5% and 85% to ensure optimal operation.
  8. The recommended installation position is to be adhered to vertical.  For proper operation of this inverter, please use appropriate cables for grid connection.
  9. The pollution degree of the inverter is PD2. Select an appropriate mounting location. Install the solar inverter in a protected area that is dry, free of excessive dust and has adequate air flow. Do NOT operate 10kW hybrid solar inverter where the temperature andhumidity is beyond the specific limits. (Please check the specs for the limitations.)
  10. Installation position shall not prevent access to the disconnection means.
Existing reviews
Highly recommencd this solar inverter!
I bought this 10kw hybrid solar inverter to replace my old one, the costomer service is good and the price is reasonable. It works well and I completely recommend this inverter.
Scapelliti Smith | 5/30/2022 2:48 AM
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Hybrid solar inverter works better than expected
So far the hybrid PV solar inverter works as expected, maybe even better. Currently used as a battery backup and will soon be running entirely on solar, hopefully reducing my reliance on the utility. Easy to install, large in size and can be installed in discrete locations.
Slavik Eveb | 5/17/2022 3:36 AM
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Good 10kW hybrid solar inverter
This 10kW hybrid solar inverter can work as I expected. The customer service staff is very patient and helped me solve the problems in use. It was well received.
Beverley Beverley | 10/29/2021 2:16 AM
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