5.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter

Cheap price PV system hybrid solar inverter for sales, featuring with 5500 watt power rating, max power to 6500W, pure sine wave output, DC input voltage up to 500V, maximum efficiency of 93%, it offers high efficiency, long service life, easy to install etc. advantages.
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 One phase 5500 watt hybrid inverter for off grid solar system, wide input voltage range and high efficient MPPT up to 93%, perfect electric protection functions.


  • Combine power for self-use and grid connection.
  • The priority supply sequence of solar, battery power and city power can be set.
  • The charging current can be adjusted according to a variety of battery types.
  • Optional modes: grid-connected mode, off-grid mode and grid-connected energy storage mode.
  • The built-in timer can set the machine on/off time.
  • The LCD panel can display various detailed information.
  • Configure multiple communication ports.

Parameter List:

Model ATO-HSI-5.5kW48-230
Rated Power 5500W
PV INPUT (DC) Maximum DC Power 6500W
Nominal DC Voltage DC 360V
Maximum DC Voltage DC 500V
Working DC Voltage Range DC 120V-500V
Start-up Voltage / Initial Feeding Voltage 116V/150V
MPP Voltage Range DC 120V-DC 450V
Full Load MPP Voltage Range DC 250V-DC 450V
Maximum Input Current 2*13A
GRID OUTPUT (AC) Nominal Output Voltage  AC 230V
Output Voltage Range AC 184V-265V
Output Frequency Range 47.5-51.5Hz~59.3-60.5Hz
Nominal Output Current 23.9A/phase
AC INPUT AC Start-up Voltage AC 120V-140V
Auto Restart Voltage AC 180V
Acceptable Input Voltage Range AC 170V-280V
Nominal Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
AC Input Power 5000VA / 5000W
Maximum AC Input Current 40A
BATTERY MODE OUTPUT (AC) Nominal Output Voltage  AC 230V
Output Frequency Range 50 Hz / 60 Hz (auto sensing)
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Output Power 5500VA/5500W
Efficiency (DC to AC) 93%
BATTERY & CHARGER (Lead-acid/Li-ion) DC Voltage Range DC 40V–63V
Nominal DC Voltage DC 48V
Maximum Battery Discharging Current 150A
Maximum Charging Current 60A
GENERAL PHYSICAL Dimension, D*W*H (mm) 110*450*445
Net Weight (kgs) 16
INTERACE Communication Port RS-232/USB
Intelligent Slot Optional SNMP, Modbus, AS-400 
ENVIRONMENT Humidity 0 ~ 90% RH (No condensing)
Operating Temperature  -10 to 40°C 

Tips: Precautions Before Commissioning of 5.5kW Hybrid Solar Inverter Commissioning.

Step one: Check the following requirements before commissioning 5.5kW hybrid solar inverter:

  1. Ensure the 5.5kW hybrid solar inverter is firmly secured.
  2. Check if the open circuit DC voltage of PV module meets requirement.
  3. Check if the open circuit utility voltage of the utility is at approximately same to the nominal expected value from local utility company.
  4. Check if connection of AC cable to grid (utility) is correct if the utility is required.
  5. Full connection to PV modules.
  6. AC circuit breaker (only applied when the utility is required), batter circuit breaker, and DC circuit breaker are installed correctly.

Step two: Switch on the battery circuit breaker and then switch on PV DC breaker. After that, if there is utility connection, please switch on the AC circuit breaker. At this moment, the hybrid solar inverter is turned on already. However, there is no output generation for loads. Then:

  1. If LCD lights up to display the current inverter status, commissioning has been successfully. After pressing "ON" button for 1 second when the utility is detected, this inverter will start to supply power to the loads. If no utility exists, simply press "ON" button for 3 seconds. Then, this inverter will start to supply power to the loads.
  2. If a warning/fault indicator appears in LCD, an error has occurred to this inverter. Please inform your installer.

Step three: Please insert CD into your computer and install monitoring software in your PC. Follow below steps to install software.

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  2. When your computer restarts, the monitoring software will appear as shortcut icon located in the system tray, near the clock.

NOTE: If using modbus card as communication interface, please install bundled software. Check local dealer for the details.

Existing reviews
Powerful hybrid solar inverter
I am very pleased with the performance of this 5.5kW hybrid solar inverter. It is a powerful and efficient inverter that can handle a wide range of electrical loads. 5 stars,
Emily Grace | 3/28/2023 3:10 AM
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Hybrid solar inverter is good value for money
I am a retired power conversion engineer looking for a cost effective and reliable system. So far, the hybrid solar inverter has exceeded my expectations
and is a good value for money for medium-sized applications.
Reiner tUOM | 5/17/2022 3:28 AM
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Rugged and works well
I selected this hybrid solar inverter because it is very flexible and has features that are not available in other inverters. This 5.5kw hybrid solar inverter is rugged and works well. I completely recommend this product.
Benjamin Smith | 1/24/2022 11:44 PM
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Great 5.5 kW hybrid solar inverter
Had an issue with shipping, they resolved it quickly and the 5.5 kW hybrid solar inverter works beautifully. Great build quality and thank you for your good costomer service. we will be buying from you again.
Nikkitee Nikkitee | 5/25/2021 9:09 PM
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