3 Advantages of Solar Systems

The sun is the main sole feeding source to the solar system, so as long as the sun is existing, the solar system will generate electricity!

That is main advan of the solar system, it is really a perfect renewable energy source, because it is not going to die.

Advantages of solar system

The second main advantages of the solar system is reducing or even eliminating our electricity bill, which goes up by time passing, and nowadays in most of countries it constituted as considerable amount to be paid by the customers. Moreover, and if our solar system is large enough, we will get paid from the electric utility for surplus electricity we shall export to the electric network (considering your solar system is connected to the grid, and it generates electricity more than you will use).

The third advantage of the solar system is that it does not require lot of maintenance, so just clean solar panels from dirt and dust, and no more, and that is because it does not have moving parts. Also, the solar system is a reliable system, as its main components continue to operate for years and years with no faults. Usually good solar panels manufacturers provide 20 up to 25 years' warranty period.

Now, the question is, what is the 3 main components of the solar system?

First Component: Solar module, and it is called solar panel power inverter. It’s the main parts of the solar system that converts the sun light to DC electricity. The solar panels are connected to each other to increase the capability of the solar system to generate more electricity.

Second Component: It’s the solar inverter which converts DC electricity generated by the solar panels to AC electricity to be used in our household appliances, etc. There are 3 main types of solar inverters, central, string and micro, and they all do the same main function but each one is preferred to be used under certain conditions and for certain application. These inverters provide monitoring features on their screen and via internet based monitoring options.





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