solar energy

Checklist Before Buying a Solar PV System
What will be the expected annual generated electricity (kwh) form your solar system as a whole? And will your solar system installation company be ready to provide written statement about that. That is the strict performance indication, and if the solar company provide such statement, then be rest assured your system will be of high performance and efficiency. The solar installation company has to agree with you before installation who will be responsible of repair and replacements costs if needed. This point should be clear and documented.
How do Solar Photovoltaic System Produce Electricity?
The most important step is that you have to make sure that your solar company will be in charge of installation, installing metering device, and to connect solar photovoltaic system with the grid. Solar company invoice you have to pay should have the prices of these tasks and all relevant works. However, in general, the electricity company will supply such solar energy meter and install or supervise on its installation. After installing the solar energy meter, your solar photovoltaic system is ready to run and produce electricity.
Solar Energy Advantage and Disadvantage
The sun is the greatest power source at all, as the sun energy we receive in one hour could cover our global energy needs for an entire year, but unluckily we are not able to harvest a fraction of this energy! Through solar panels we are just able to convert very small amount of sun energy to electricity. However solar panels technology has been developed in recent years drastically, providing higher efficiency solar panels, and we are sure there will be continuous improvements. Let’s us summarize the pross and cons of the solar energy.