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Will Winter Conditions Affect Solar Panels Badly?
Using solar panels to electrically feed our loads will greatly reduce carbon emission, and reduce the rely on electric utility, so save us much money by cutting our monthly utility bill. In winter, our solar panels will get lesser direct sun light, and sometimes they will be covered by snow, so the question is; Will this affect solar panels badly?
Things to Consider When Installing Solar Panels
Solar panel is the main element in the solar photovoltaic system, because it takes the main role of converting solar light to direct current electricity. Almost all solar panels manufactures provide the same solar panels dimensions, but the weight will differ from one manufacturer/brand to another. Actually, when installing the solar panels on the roof, we have to take care about their total weight, because if they are so heavy, then they will badly affect the roof structural over the time.
Number of Solar Panels to Fit Your Roof
The solar panels are required for communities who are looking forward to keep the environment clean without pollution, and to save energy costs. Actually, the solar panel is large in size, so we have to have lot of space on our building roof to install them. There are many different power capacities of the solar panel in the market, but the most dominant capacity is 350 watts, which has approximate length of 5 feet and five inch and approximate width of 3 feet, so it around 16.5 square feet.
How Solar Panels Work and Where They Store Electricity?
The solar panels will generate DC electricity once the sun hits their surfaces, but they do not store electricity, they need batteries to store such generated electricity inside. The solar panels are manufactured from semiconductor materials like silicon, and they produce DC electricity through a process called photovoltaic. Under photovoltaic process, the semiconductor materials will exposure when the sunlight hit it, so the DC current will be generated.
Does Solar Panels Installation Take So Long?
If you are thinking of owning solar photovoltaic system, you will be needing to know how long does it take to completely install such solar panels system. Actually installation time differ from one customer to another based on some factors, and here is what we shall briefly discuss.
How do the Solar Panels Work?
The sun releases very tiny energy packets called photons. These photons come from the sun to the earth in approx 8-9 minutes. In theory, the number/volume of photons incident on the earth per hour is enough to meet the world's energy needs for one year. Imagine how much energy we get from the sun!
Solar Energy Advantage and Disadvantage
The sun is the greatest power source at all, as the sun energy we receive in one hour could cover our global energy needs for an entire year, but unluckily we are not able to harvest a fraction of this energy! Through solar panels we are just able to convert very small amount of sun energy to electricity. However solar panels technology has been developed in recent years drastically, providing higher efficiency solar panels, and we are sure there will be continuous improvements. Let’s us summarize the pross and cons of the solar energy.
How to Buy Best Solar Panels?
Most of solar companies in the market can promise us about their solar panels quality, warranty, and after sales support… etc. But how can we trust? That is the question, which is difficulty answered. But generally, at least we need to check the supplier who will be around for along term, and this can be determined from good reputation, high quality, high experience and commitment.

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