Number of Solar Panels to Fit Your Roof

The solar panels are required for communities who are looking forward to keep the environment clean without pollution, and to save energy costs. Actually, the solar panel is large in size, so we have to have lot of space on our building roof to install them. There are many different power capacities of the solar panel in the market, but the most dominant capacity is 350 watts, which has approximate length of 5 feet and five inch and approximate width of 3 feet, so it around 16.5 square feet.Number of Solar Panels to Fit Your Roof

Installing oneĀ solar panel on our roof will not make a noticeable difference, and we have to install more than 6-8 solar panels in order to get beneficial solar system power capacity.

There are some factors affecting how much energy we can harness from the solar panels, like our installation location climate as the solar panel needs sunshine to create much power, and like shadow coming from trees coverage or high neighbor building, as we can Not get much power in case of such shadow presence, also time zone due to earth movement makes some places in the world perfect to get a lot of sun energy by nature. Based on these factors, and number/power capacity of your solar panels you plan to install, you can know how much power your solar system will generate and the approximate annual yearly electricity you can harvest.

In order to know how many solar panels, you are needing to power your home, you can simply get your whole appliances/electrical equipment energy usage per hour then multiply it by your location peak sun hours, then divide the result on the solar panel power capacity you selected. By doing multiple calculations based on different solar panels capacities and number/power capacity of your electrical equipment, you can know the best cost effective choices for your solar system installation with keeping in mind to have extra room for both our roof space and solar system power capacity.

Different buildings and homes have different roofs abilities, shape and angle, so there is No fixed rules about how much space you should have to install the solar system, however we can roughly say that in order to fit 6 solar panels of 350W capacity, you would need an area of not less than hundred square feet, and more space margin would be more okay.

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