Things to Consider When Installing Solar Panels

Solar panel is the main element in the solar photovoltaic system, because it takes the main role of converting solar light to direct current electricity.

Almost all solar panels manufactures provide the same solar panels dimensions, but the weight will differ from one manufacturer/brand to another. Actually, when installing the solar panels on the roof, we have to take care about their total weight, because if they are so heavy, then they will badly affect the roof structural over the time. But if your will Not install theĀ solar panels yourself, and you will install via a solar installation company, then you have not to be worried about that point, because the solar company will do their own calculation and technical inspections during design/planning stage and make sure the roof structure will be able to handle the solar panels total weight. So, regardless of solar panels type/brand, we recommend to contact a solar system consultant or solar installation company to do an inspection to your roof before the installations, as they will advise properly for many things, and one of the important advices will be related to your roof structure ability to handle the solar photovoltaic system weight, and if your roof needs somethings to be changed/modified, they will advise for as well and of course this will make your solar system installations be done smoothly, and without any damage to your roof.

Things to Consider When Installing Solar Panels

One important thing to mind, is that your roof may not be the suitable place to install the solar system although it can safely bear the solar panels weight. As if there are obstacles, like trees or any others causing shadow on the solar panels on the roof, then finding another place in your house/facility will make more sense, also, our purpose is to make the solar panel gets much sun light, so our solar installation company may find that installing on the ground will be better than the roof.

Finally, we can confirm that by thoroughly checking our available solar panels installation options, our solar panels will provide us with the best electrical energy saving performance all over year.

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