Does Solar Panels Installation Take So Long?

If you are thinking of owning solar photovoltaic system, you will be needing to know how long does it take to completely install such solar panels system. Actually installation time differ from one customer to another based on some factors, and here is what we shall briefly discuss.

Does Solar Panels Installation Take So LongThe first factor is the solar installation company, and whether you are dealing with small or large company, as for big companies, they have larger number of worker, and set of crews, so they can handle more jobs at once and save much of installation time. Also, these big companies have contractors, so they can depend on if they want to expedite installation. However, we do not recommend to use such big companies if you are not in a big hurry to get your solar system installed, because you can get better deal if you contracted small company, so you have to check options carefully if you have time.

The second factor is the inspections and permits, as your solar installation company will almost needs to get permits from your local officials before the work begins, like photovoltaic permit and construction permit, etc. These permits differ from one state to another, so depends on how many permits you will be needing, how long your local permit office takes to issue the permits, you should expect several weeks before you will be allowed to start solar system installation.

In addition to that, your local government will take some time to inspect the solar system and allow you to use after you complete the installation, but fortunately it does not take long, and usually it takes around 1 week or less.

The third factor is how many solar panels will be installed for your solar photovoltaic system, as although the typical installation time for home owner solar system is a little, it takes around 1-3 days, but you would expect slight more time if several solar panels will be installed. Also, for business and commercial solar system installation, it usually takes more time than home installation, you have to expect 1-2 moths as installation time, and if you install aground mounted solar system, then you would expect more time than business and commercial buildings, because it takes time to prepare land and installing underground cables. Moreover, there will be more expected installation time if your residence is far away from your new installed solar system.

The last factor is your property readiness for installation, as if your roof is ready and does not needs any kind of works like reinforcements or installing electrical panels, you will be able to cut down much of the installation time.

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