3 Disadvantages of Solar Light

Using solar light in our premises, gardens and all other applications is a great project with many benefits, but it's like any perfect project, there will be few drawbacks. These drawbacks will not affect our solar light choice, but it will pay our attention to some points to keep in mind before purchasing and using the solar light system, so let us discuss three disadvantages of using solar lights as following.

Solar light disadvantages

  • First, actually the capital cost (upfront cost) of the solar lights is still higher than traditional lights system. But we can assure that the price difference is not very high. We just refer to high quality brands which lasts for longer life span with higher efficiency and reliable performance, but for those quiet good brands with medium efficiency, their prices will a bit little higher than standard light system.
  • Second, solar light system is fully weather dependent, and although most of modern solar energy products are able to work on low sun light, the cloudy weather with low sun light will affect the solar light system. The solar light strongly depends at least on a certain basic level of solar daylight, so it can continue to lit for a certain time period, and if it goes below that level, the solar light will not power on. So, from the beginning, if you live in an area with poor sunshine during parts of the year, like Alaska and Russia, then using the solar light system will not be the best way for you, but if you line in a good sunshine area, in other word, if your living area has a good average number of sunshine hours per day, then it's okay, and the solar light will be the perfect way. In all cases, please note that solar light system will have some backup batteries that will store electrical energy for the future use.
  • Third, some people doesn't admire with solar panels shape, they see them unattractive, in that case, you have to get tight and small solar panels and place them in a tide manner. The small and tight solar panel will be in a higher cost in compared with traditional one if it provides the same power capacity. If the appearance is an important matter, there will be no issue, as you will find many options in the market to choose from, and you have to carefully place the solar panels in a place in where they will not be very seen.
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