48V 2000W Inverter, 48V to 120V/230V Power Inverter

48V 2000W power inverter with universal socket and USB port, modified sine wave power output, option for 110V/120V or 220V/230V/240V AC 50Hz/60Hz, best DC to AC inverter for home use to charge TV, fans, lights and other appliances.
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Cheap 48 Volt DC to AC power inverter outputs modified sine wave 2000 Watt continuous and 4000 Watt peak power, a reliable power for charging your electronics or small appliances in the car, camping, vacation, or anywhere AC power is needed.

2000W 48V Inverter Specification

Model ATO-M2000W-48
Input Voltage DC 48V
Output Voltage AC 110V/120V ±5% or AC 220V/230V/240V ±5%
Unload Current (less than) 0.2A
Continuous Power 2000W
Peak Power 4000W
Output Frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz or 60Hz±0.5Hz
Output Waveform Modified sine wave
Max. Efficiency 90%
USB Port 5V 1A
Outlet Type Universal outlet
Input Voltage Range 40V-61V
Low Voltage Alarm 42V±1V
Low Voltage Shutdown 40V±1V
High Voltage Shutdown 61V±1V
Overload Protection Yes
Overheat Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Reverse Connection Protection Yes
Cooling Method Intelligent cooling fan
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
Product Size 345x180x78mm
Net. Weight 3.6kg
Warranty 1 year

Power Inverter Output Sockets (Optional)

Power Inverter Outlet


Power Inverter Protection Function

Multi-protection of power inverter

  • Low voltage
    Alarm at first; voltage continuously reduce, LED Red light on & shut down.
  • Over voltage
    LED Red light on, shut down
  • Over load
    LED Red light on, shut down
  • Over temperature
    Alarm at first; temperature continuously rise, LED Red light on & shut down.
  • Short circuit
    LED Red light on
  • Input reverse polarity
    Fuse burn-out

Power Inverter Applications

Modified sine wave power inverter applications

Tips: Power inverter for home, selecting 12V, 24V or 48V battery?

Home inverter is generally chosen no more than 5000W. Most of power inverters are 12V and 24V in the market, and 36V, 48V, 60V and other high input voltage are also for sales. High input voltage type of inverter is suitable for electric bicycle battery or other special applications. For small power inverter (within 2000W), no matter what is 12V or 24V, its output current and loss are almost the same at the same power. However, many high-power inverters is selected with 24V, because a 24V battery with the same capacity provides a larger output current than a 12V battery. Especially with air conditioning or high power inductive load of household appliances, it needs a large amount of current output in the startup moment. Below 2000W, it is suggested to choose 12V inverter, which is convenient for battery selection. Above 2000W, it is recommended to choose 24V inverter.

48V 2000W Inverter, 48V to 120V/230V Power Inverter reviews
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