5 Things to Know for Maintaining Your Solar Power System

The solar PV system is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves money and makes money, becoming a best choice of alternative or backup power source for many families. However, it need proper maintenance, so as to ensure the generating capacity of the system, and guarantee the service life.

However, as a matter of fact, there are still many improper behaviors in the actual operation process, which affects the service life of the solar power system. For example, something are put on the solar panels. When the solar panel is sheltered, "hot spot effect" is easily generated, which is called one of the four major fire hazards of the PV module. Do you want a better power generating efficiency and a longer service life of your home solar power system? It should be guaranteed by the sound maintenance.

1. Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of the solar power system for your home under 10kW can be almost neglected. If your home solar power system is over 10kW, you can estimate a maintenance cost of 1%-3%.

2. Solar panel cleanliness

The surface of the solar panels should be kept clean, but it need not be washed too frequently. The surface of the solar panel has a self-cleaning effect, and regular rainwater will wash away the surface dust. Frequent cleaning will not only significantly increase the generating capacity, but also cause waste of water resources. In the non-rain season, it should be cleaned once a month. In areas with large dust fall, the cleaning times can be increased. In areas with large snowfall, heavy snow should be removed in time to avoid affecting generating capacity and uneven power generation after snow melting. The sheltering trees and sundries should be removed timely.

Solar panel cleaning

In order to avoid the electric shock damage to human bodies and the possible damages to the modules by wiping modules under high temperature and strong illumination, it is recommended to clean the solar panels in the morning or late in the afternoon. It is recommended to use a soft brush, as well as the clean and gentle water when cleaning the glass surface of the PV module. The cleaning force should be very light, thus avoiding damaging the glass surface. Solar panels with coated glass should be protected from damage to the glass layer.

3. Inverter maintenance

It is required to regularly check if the inverter wiring is firm, if the wire insulation performance is normal, if there is any damage. In particular, it is especially required to check the operation of the inverter fan.

If theĀ solar inverter of the PV system alarms and stops, it will not be started immediately. It is required to carefully check the fault reason and device damage, breakdown or explosion of the power module, and then start the inverter after finding the reason. When it is uncertain in re-starting the inverter, it is required to report to the maintenance center or the manufacturer.

Off-grid inverter for pv solar system

4. Maintenance in extreme weather conditions

In case of a trip in the rainy days, the wiring connection may be not tight. In such conditions, it is required to treat after the rainy days. The wiring connection can be wrapped by the insulated rubber tap, and then it is required to observe to have tripping phenomenon or not. If such condition continues, it is required to report to the maintenance center or the local electricity management station.

In lightning days, it is required to turn off the air switch under the ammeter, avoiding damaging the electrical equipment. Then, please turn on the switch after the thundery days.Solar panels in extreme weather5. Monitoring

If there is no monitoring system, you don't know the operation of the solar power system at all. The operating rate of the solar power system is the most fundamental factor determining the revenue of the power station. In order to improve power generation efficiency and increase power generation revenue, how can we understand the operation and maintenance status, or possible problems of the PV system without professional operation and maintenance knowledge, thus truly realizing intelligent management of the home solar power system? The monitoring system is required under such conditions. At present, there are many means and methods of monitoring, including the monitoring of the inverter itself, and independent monitoring by a third party. It is recommended to use a third-party independent monitoring system.

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