5000W 48/96V Solar Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller

48 volt, 96 volt DC pure sine wave hybrid off grid solar inverter with MPPT charge controller, 5000W rated power, 60 amps battery max charge current, perfect protection functions. LCD display is presenting statues of all parts in real time.
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This is a multi-function PV DC to AC inverter, combining functions of 5000 watt (7000VA) off grid inverter, MPPT 60A solar charge controller and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size.

5000W Solar Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller Parameter List

Model ATO-IC-5000
Rated capacity 5000W (7000VA)
Size 555*390*195mm
Net Weight 41kg
Function Setting Time & date setting, Contrast, lightness, Switch voltage, Grid charge, Clear records, Operating parameter, Discharge limited setting, Reset
Working mode Grid priority/ Battery priority (optional)
Charge mode PV priority/ PV+grid (optional)
LCD dislpay Internal and External temperature, record query (fault record), system information query
PV input Voltage range 12V DC (18V-150V DC), 24V DC (34V-150V DC), 48V DC (65V-150V DC), 96V DC (130V-180V DC)
Battery max charge current 60A
Battery volatge 48V/ 96V
Max power load 3400W/ 6800W
Float voltage 12V (13.75V), 24V (27.5V), 48V (55V), 96V (110V)
Equalization voltage 12V (14.2V), 24V (28.4V), 48V (56.8V), 96V (113.6V)
Grid Input Battery type Lead acid/ gel/ lithium (optional, factory setting)
Charge current 0-30A
Charge mode Improve charge, direct charge, float charge
AC Output AC charge current Standard: 0-30A
AC output voltage 110/ 220/ 230/ 240V ±3%
AC output frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
Conversion Efficiency ≥85%
Overload 105-120% 30s, 120-150% 10s,>150% 5s 
Output form Pure sine wave
Output power factor ≥0.8
Wave form distortion ≤3%
Switching time ≤4ms
Protection Function Overload capacity 105-120% 30s, 120-150% 10s,>150% 5s 
Over discharge 10.5V (12V) DC/ 21V (24V) DC/ 42V (48V) DC/ 84V DC shut down after alarm
Over charge 16V (12V) DC/ 32V (21V) DC/ 64V (48V) DC/ 128V DC shut down after alarm
High temperature 85℃ auto shut down after alarm
Short circuit Auto shut down
Others Cooling method Fan cooling
Noise <60 dB
Operating temperature -10℃-50℃
Environment humidity 10%-90% (No condensation)
Working Elevation <5000m (>1000m, derating)

Solar Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller Working Mode Instructions

Solar inverter with MPPT charge controller work mode instructions

Tips: MPPT solar charge controller brief introduction

As the second generation solar controller, MPPT charge controller has one more inductor and power diode than PWM charge controller, so it has more powerful function.

On the one hand, it has the function of maximum power point tracking. During the battery charging, the solar module can output the maximum power unless the battery reaches saturation. On the other hand, its voltage range of the photovoltaic module is wide. With a power switch, inductor and circuit in the controller, the voltage of the module is 1.2-3.5 times that of the storage battery. For example, when the input voltage of the module is between 30V and 80V for 24V storage battery, one or two modules can be equipped with each series, while if the input voltage of module is between 60V and 110V for 48V storage battery, two or three modules can be equipped with each series.

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