500W Solar Grid Tie Inverter, 12V/24V DC to 110V/230V AC

High performance solar grid tie inverter is 500 watt AC output power with low price, 12 volt/ 24 volt DC voltage input to 110 volt/ 230 volt AC output, precise MPPT and APL functions are adopted. The on grid inverter automatically adjusts the solar panels of max output power, do not need to connect the battery.
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500 watt solar grid tie tnverter with wide input voltage range of 10.5V-30V DC and wide output voltage range of 90-140V AC/ 180-260V AC. Pure sine wave power inverter using SPWM to produce pure sine output directly, suitable for open-circuit voltage of solar panels range 20V-50V DC, Vmp: 28V-40V, the version of 48V input is available.


  • High performance maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Directly connected to the solar panels (do not need to connect the battery)
  • AC 0 angle with high precision auto-detection
  • Synchronous high-frequency modulation
  • Use SPWM directly to make pure sine wave output
  • Power automatically locked (APL), make the output power more stable
  • Automatically adapt to different load power factor
  • Automatically shut down when the power output of a fault

Parameter List

Grid tie inverter model ATO-GTI-500
Recommend using solar panels 620 Watt
DC maximum input power 600 Watt
DC maximum voltage 50.2V DC
DC voltage 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC, range: 10.5V-30V DC/ 20V-50V DC
Recommend PV Vmpp 18V (10.5V-30V DC) / 28-40V (20V-50V DC)
AC output power  500W
Anti-voltage protection Fuse
AC standard voltage 110V/ 230V AC, range: 90-140V AC/ 180-260V AC (*Note: Inverter output is single phase (L, N, G) one hot line only)
AC frequency range 55-63Hz/ 45-53Hz
Topology With transformer type
Output current total harmonic distortion THDI<5%
Phase differnce <1%
Islanding protection VAC, FAC
Output short circuit protection Current-limiting
Show LED
Installation Wall hanging
Cooling method Fan
Standby power consumption <2W
Night power consumption <1W
Ambient temperature range -25℃ to +60℃
Waterproof grade IP23 (indoor type design)
Electromagnetic compatibility EN50081.part1 EN50082.part1
Power system disturbance EN61000-3-2 EN60950-1
Network test DIN VDE 1026
Certification CE
Warranty period 12 months
Inverter net weight 1.3kg
Dimension (LxWxH) 210x165x57mm

Inverter for Solar Panel System

Grid tie inverter for solar panel system

Tips: Solar inverter plays an important role in solar power system

When it comes to solar power generation systems, we think of solar inverters. Because solar power generation must convert DC to AC through inverters to drive household appliances and other loads. Therefore, solar inverters play an important role in solar power generation system.

Since the solar inverter is so important in solar power system, what functions and functions does it have? The main function of the inverter is to convert the variable DC voltage input of the power supply into a non-interference AC sinusoidal output, which can be used by the equipment as well as fed back to the power grid. In addition to DC to AC conversion, the solar inverters can perform other functions, such as disconnecting the circuit, avoiding circuit damage due to current surge, charging batteries, storing data usage and performance, and tracking maximum power point (MPPT), in order to maximize power generation efficiency.

Efficiency is the most important index. Improving the efficiency of solar inverters can save the energy lost in current conversion and thus reduce the production cost of solar power generation. At present, the efficiency of the solar inverter can reach about 97.2%.

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
User Manual

PDFSolar Grid Tie Inverter User Manual

Existing reviews
Great purchase for this grid tie inverter
I bought this 600W solar grid tie inverter three months ago, I have been using this inverter for 2 months, and so far it works well and I do love it!
Beta L | 3/15/2023 3:17 AM
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My second 500W grid tie inverter
This is my second of this style 500W grid tie inverters. I added sheet metal behind this one to prevent a fire although the case is heavy gauge metal. I will order more.
Seamus Davis | 5/25/2022 7:30 PM
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Acceptable noise
Use a grid-tied solar inverter with a single 300w panel. It works well and has continued to use it for over 2 months without any issues. It was a little loud .
Vidal Viop | 4/27/2022 2:33 AM
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Good quality inverter
Have been using 500W grid tie inverter for 6 months now. I've had to oil the fan bearings once but everything else has been working great. Im running on 120 volts AC.
Michael K | 12/10/2019 6:40 PM
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