6 Tips to Keep Solar Panel Clean

Is your solar panel as efficient as before? Before calling customer service, please check the cell for leaves, dirt, dust or bird droppings. It usually takes only one thorough cleaning to get the system running again. Although the maintenance cost of solar systems is low, don't ignore them. Here are some tips to keep solar panels clean when they look and run.

  • Solar panel clean tipsBuy a Solar Power Cleaning Kit

If you haven't bought a cleaning tool for your solar system yet. Instead of having a brush at hand, have a kit that meets all your needs. The kit should include biodegradable soap, wipers and brushes.

  • Clean During Overcast Days

It is difficult to clean the solar panels on the roof in hot weather, but it's dangerous when raining heavily. Cloudy days are the best time. Usually morning is the best time, because the sun has just risen. Cleaning solar cells should not take long time, so when the sun reaches its peak, your panels should be ready.

  • Avoid Powerful Soaps

Do not use powerful soap or abrasive sponge as it may scratch or break the glass. Using the cleaning set soap, if not, use a clean, soft cloth. Immerse the rag in water and wipe the battery clean. And do not use soap. As long as you stick to biodegradable soap, solar panels will be fine.

  • Do Not Press The Glass Too Hard

Solar panel glass is durable, but harsh wiping and scrubbing may lead to cracks. Powerful detergents will do the same, so avoid using them. Whether it's a portable solar panel in your RV or a large array in your house, always clean the panel gently. If the dirt doesn't wash off, add more soapy water.

  • Long Handle Wipers are Best For Large Solar Panel

For convenience and safety, experts recommend using long handle wipers. If you want to clean a large panel, this is the best choice. Many people say that solar panels are best cleaned from the ground, which is true for safety reasons. But sometimes you need to go to the roof for a more thorough cleaning. This is where the long handle wiper works. You can walk on the roof and clean the solar panels with a wiper instead of kneeling on the ground and wiping them with a rag.

  • Don't Let Dirt Build Up

Cleaning solar panels is easier when the accumulation of dust and dirt is minimal. Excess dirt accumulation, dust, dirt, bird droppings, leaves, etc. take longer to clean up. Don't wait for garbage to pile up before you start cleaning up.

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