7.5 kW Three Phase Solar Pump Inverter

Low cost 7.5 kW (10 hp) solar pump inverter / controller, input voltage from 450V DC to 750V DC drive three phase 220V AC, 380V AC, 480V AC water pump, grid and solar energy is switchable, adopting advanced MPPT technology, make full use of the efficiency of the solar cell array.
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Good performance DC to AC 7.5 kW solar pump inverter, automatically vary the motor speed and the water flow according to the sunlight intensity.


Basics Model GK330-7R5D-3B
Capacity 7.5 kW (10 hp)
Weight 6 kg
Product dimension 220*183.5*150 mm
Input Feature Input voltage DC 260~350V, recommend DC 300~350V for 3-phase 220/230/240V motor;
DC 450~750V, recommend DC 600~700V for 3-phase 380/400/415/440/460/480V motor
Three phase 220/380/480V AC (±15%)
Vmp/Voc voltage VMP≥560V, voc≤800V
Rated input current 35 A at 220V
20.5 A at 380/480V
Input frequency 47~63 Hz
Input power of solar panel About 1.5 times the solar pump inverter rated power
Output Feature Output voltage Three phase 0~rated input voltage
Rated output current 32 A at 220V
17 A at 380/480V
Output frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz (output 0-300Hz please contact us)
DC 270-320V corresponds to 0-50Hz for 220VAC, DC 450-550V corresponds to 0-50Hz for 380/480VAC
Control        Control mode SVPWM, SVC
Motor type Asynchronous motor
Speed ratio Asynchronous motor 1:100 (SVC)
Speed control accuracy ±0.2%(SVC)
Speed fluctuation ±0.3%(SVC)
Torque response <20ms (SVC)
Torque control accuracy 10%(SVC)
Starting torque 0.25 Hz / 150% (SVC)
Overload capability 150% of rated current: 1 minute
150% of rated current: 10 seconds
200% of rated current: 1 second
Running control Frequency setting method Digital settingAnalog setting
Pulse frequency setting
Multi-step speed running settingSimple PLC setting
PID setting, MODBUS communication setting
Shift between the set combination and set channel
Operation method Keyboard/ terminal/ communication
Auto-adjustment of voltage Keep a stable voltage automatically when the gird voltage transients
Fault protection Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, phase loss, overload, etc.
Special functions for PV water pumps Maximum power tracking, pre-warning at weak light, auto wake up at strong light,
Pre-warning when full water, auto wake up at low water level,
Underload pre-warning and protection of water level sensor,
When pre-warning, the inverter is in stand-by
Environment Environment temperature -10℃~40℃ (environment temperature is among 40℃~50℃; please use it with derating)
Storage temperature -20℃~65℃
Environment humidity Less than 90 % R.H, not exceeding 90% R.H
Altitude, Vibration Below 1000 m, below 5.9m/s² (=0.6g)
Cooling method Forced cooling and natural air cooling
Enclosure rating IP 20
Warranty 18 months


  • Solar pump inverter adopts advanced MPPT control technology, real-time detection of solar panels power voltage, tracking the highest voltage and current, efficiency is as high as 98%.
  • It can enter automatically to sleep mode when the intensity of sunlight is weak, as well as can exit the sleep mode when the intensity of sunlight is becoming strong.
  • Automatic sleep when on high-water level and automatic restart when on low-water level to realize automatic control through water level.
  • Multiple power supply design, power input can be solar energy photovoltaic DC power supply (DC 260~350V, DC 450~750V), can also be single phase or three phase AC power, simple wiring.
  • Smart operation, water level detection and operation panel to prevent overflow, dry pumping.
  • Protect itself in trouble and improve the reliability of whole system.
  • The bypass- AC source which runs automatically when the sun is Not sufficient or absent.

solar pump inverter wiring application

Tips: The difference between solar water pump inverter and off grid inverter
Off grid inverter: because the DC loop is equipped with a battery, DC side voltages will not fluctuate greatly with the intensity of the light, so the AC side can output a regulated and stable frequency power supply within the rated capacity of the inverter. It can carry any load, as long as the battery capacity is properly configured, the load can be continuously and stably operated for 24 hours.
Solar pump inverter: no battery, so the AC output voltage is not stable, ordinary load can not work normally, can only drive the pump. The pump can work at low pressure because the inverter reduces the frequency at low pressure, the low pressure and low frequency, the pump can still work normally, and it is a principle to work with the frequency inverter with the water pump.

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PDFSolar Pump Inverter User Manual

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