7 Key Factors About Solar Photovoltaic Systems

The solar photovoltaic system is composed of a solar battery pack, a solar controller, and a storage battery (group). If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required. There are 7 key factors about solar photovoltaic systems.

Solar cell panel

  1. The solar panel is the first working part of solar photovoltaic system to converts the sun light to DC electricity. It is made of silicon element, and the silicon is abundant element on the earth, it represents approximate 30% of the earth crust, and it’s the seventh common element on the world.
  2. The solar cell is made from pure silicon which is not exist in nature on such pure case, but its extracted from silicon quartzite. After getting the pure silicon, it is treated with boron and phosphorous to generate excess of electrons, so can make such semiconductor material be able to conduct the electricity. 2000 watt solar micro inverter has pure sine wave output for compatibility with loads of different types. And as the silicon is shiny, we add anti reflective coating on it, so the solar cell can collect much amount of sun light. By connecting some of solar cells in series, surrounding by protective material, and placed in metal frame, the solar panel is produced.
  3. The solar panel is called solar module. It’s usually made of 60 or 72 solar cells connected in series. And the solar array is a group of solar panels connected in series and parallel. 
  4. The whole solar system is simply a solar array connected to an electronic component called inverter to convert DC to AC electricity. In addition to some accessories like circuit breakers, junction box, fuse, and distribution panels. 
  5. The solar system is a clean energy production system, and its calculated that a solar powered house reduces carbon dioxide emission by approx 100 tons within 30 years.
  6. Installing solar photo-voltaic system is a good investment. It pays for itself as you no longer pay the electricity bill nor heating bill, and these saving will definitely pay for solar system purchasing and installation costs. In addition, some governments produce tax reduction offers to solar system owners, moreover, you will be allowed to sell the extra generated electricity back to the electrical grid, so can get more money back.
  7. Solar energy applications become unlimited to be used inside our home and offices only, but they used in cars, vehicles, trains, and airplanes, some people are travelling using solar energy solely.

All in all, solar energy will change our everyday lives to the best.

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