8 Tips Before Installing the Solar PV System

The good preparation for solar photo-voltaic system installation is the key factor in this project success, that is why we need to gather all information, ask the solar installation company, and make the economic feasibility study before going on. There will be and important 8 questions/works to ask your solar system installation company before buying as following:

1. Based on your installation location and expected whether all over the year, what will be the estimated annual electricity production generated from the solar system in kwh?

2. Of course in summer months, the solar electricity production will be higher than winter months due to the intensity of solar radiation, and the question is: What will be the estimated electricity production in kwh for the worst and best months?

3. Who will be in charge of making maintenance to your solar system? Also, during solar system operation, if there will be an issue or a service needed, who you should contact to? It would be preferably if there will be someone locally you can contact with him.

Solar PV system installation diagram

4. Very important for you as owner, solar company as installer and solar parts manufacturer as a supplier to let each party know his responsibilities, that will make things much easier if you encounter any issue in the future, because you will indicate in a minute who will solve this issue.

5. You have to write down all solar system components warranties period, who was the installer name, and when it was installed. Making history sheet for each component will be an important thing. Our recommendation is to let the solar system installer helps you in that point.

6. You have to ask the solar system installer about who will be responsible of connecting the system to the electric grid, will he be or another sub-contractor or electricity company? Also, you have to ask him about when will the solar system be connected to the grid?

7. After installing the solar system, your electrical energy meter will need to be changed to accommodate the new installation, and the question is; who will be responsible of such changeover? Is it you or solar installation company or electricity company? This point must be clear from the beginning, and usually the solar company will do that job under the supervision of the electricity company.

8. The solar system rebates that you will get from the solar installation company as a result of selling your STCs certificate is an important point to be discussed, so you will be aware of how mush discount you will get from such STCs certificates.

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