8 Tips for Installing Solar PV System

There are a multiple of inquiries we have to get answers for from our electricity retailer when we intend to install a solar inverter on photo-voltaic system. In general, our solar installation company will know the answers of these inquires, but better to ask the retailer, and here are some of these inquires:

  1. What is originally the price of the electricity you pay to your retailer currently in cent per kilowatt hour (Kwh)? You can also find such info on the back of your retailer electricity bill.
  2. After installation solar inverter in your solar system, and changing your electricity meter, will you keep your off peak electricity rate? Will this change your tariff type? And how financially this will affect you?
  3. Will there be any other duties or administration fees you will be charged for; In which they have Not incorporated on the contract? That is important point to inquire about before going ahead.

    Solar photo voltaic system

  4. Who will be in charge of your energy meter change over? Will the solar installation company be in charge of this process? Or will you organize for that process yourself? Usually, the solar installation company will arrange for that as a part of installation works.
  5. What is the rate of the Feed-In Tariff this retailer will provide you after installation the solar system? And whether there will be another retailer in your local area that can provide higher rate for this Feed-In Tariff?
  6. How will you get paid for the electricity your solar system generates? Will you get it in the form of credit on your electricity bill or will you get it in cash deposit to your bank account or via Cheque?
  7. During the contracted Feed-In Tariff period between you and your retailer, you should precaution as follow: if you desire to change to another retailer with high Tariff or due to any reason, will the original retailer impose any kind of penalties on you? Because you want to cut /close the contract before its ended date.
  8. What will be the payment period in which the retailer will pay you? Will it be monthly or every three months or every six months or what? Usually, it’s three months’ period.
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