9 Reasons for Solar Inverter and Batteries failure

Because the solar inverter and batteries considered as 2 main parts in any solar system, we have to take care about some reasons makes them are not working properly in some conditions, and if there will be quick solutions in such cases, making them come back to work quickly. Here we will shed light on 9 reasons, and remedies as well:

  1. 5kW Hybrid Solar InverterMay be the solar batteries are not connected to the solar system, and in that case we have to ensure that connections are made properly.
  2. May be the solar batteries terminals are loosening, and in that case we have to make sure all terminals are well tightening and fit.
  3. The solar inverter is tripped, may be for temporary error/fault, and in that case, you just press re-set button, so everything will work normally again.
  4. May be one of the solar batteries have faults, and in that case the only solution is to replace the faulty battery.
  5. TheĀ solar inverter terminals or batteries terminals may be rusty, and in that case, just clean them from corrosion, then re-connect all again.
  6. The solar inverter terminals may be reversed, so get the inverter guide/user manual, and re-connect the right terminals according to manufacturer recommendation.
  7. The solar batteries become weak, so they are either very old and need to be replaced, or they may be completely discharged, so you need to re-charge them again for few hours before switching on the solar inverter.
  8. The batteries may not function properly due to their fuses are melt, so you need to replace them.
  9. The solar inverter internal rectifier may be burnet, and in that case you have to take the solar inverter to its service center.

So, in all cases, we have to keep monitoring our solar system, so can take a quick correction action in the right time, so can avoid losing much energy.

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