9 Tips Before Buying Solar PV System

Here we provide very useful nine suggestions you have to consider before buying your solar photovoltaic system, as following:

1. Do internet solar research, and speak to your friends who already installed the solar system. The goal of such searches is to discover good brands, prices in the market. Usually cheap prices correspond to lower quality, but keep in mind that your solar system should last for 25 years in order to get a good return on investment, so good quality is our first consideration.

2. Choose the high quality and the high efficiency solar inverter, as the inverter is an essential and crucial part of the solar system, the motor efficient it is, the better energy conversion we get. We recommend to choose the best brand with long warranty period.

3. Don’t make a decision based on internet reviews, as these reviews can be easily manipulated.

4. Check your roof size to know how big the solar system will fit. You can use roof size calculators existing free of charge on the internet, and make sure to have reserve space for your future needs "batteries for night time use, and charging your electric car".

5. Estimate your budget, as with solar photovoltaic systems quality and size change, the prices change as well. A rule of thumb you can follow for good quality brands in residential solar system up to 8-10kW capacity. You can consider the KW price to be in the range 1200USD to 1500USD, and of course you will find cheaper prices like 500-700USD / KW in the market, but those are lower grade, less output production, shorter life time, and we recommend to not buy such brands, in addition to that, good brand with high performance solar system will increase your property value.

6. Use the best panel type with certifications. In the market there are 3 types of solar panels power inverter, mono crystalline & poly crystalline & amorphous film. We recommend using mono crystalline solar panels, as its highly efficient, high technology and produced since the 1970s.

7. Check for the best reliable, right and longer manufacturing warranty. Some manufacturers provide 15 years as manufacturing warranty & 80% performance warranty, and others provide 10 years manufacturing warranty & 85% performance warranty, etc. The most important is to find the best manufacturing warranty not performance warranty, as its difficult to claim for performance warranty, as to verify, it will cost higher than the warranty payout itself.

8. Choose standard build mounting structure and accessories, as they are carrying our solar system components and connect its parts.

9. Get different quotes from different companies, so you can compare and find out the best.

Tips should know before installing solar system

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