9 Tips Before Installing Solar PV System

Before installing your solar photovoltaic system, there are some points to keep in mind and to do, so we suggest to make checklist including the following points;

1. You have to check solar systems installers in your area, and prepare a list of their contact information, prelude to contact them for a quote.

2. Before going on solar system installation, you have to be aware of changes that will be occurred on your electricity meter, your tariff, and electricity bill.

3. Read more about solar photovoltaic system, and prepare checklist for some key questions to ask the solar installer about when he visits you. It should be noted that the solar inverter is an indispensable part of the photovoltaic system. The main function of the solar inverter is to convert the direct current generated by the solar panel into the alternating current used by home appliances.

4. Make sure your selected installation company has credited installers, and better to ask them for installers name and license number.

5. Ask selected solar installer about solar rebates and how they will be applied.

Install of solar PV system

6. Make your solar system installer from the beginning aware that he will be responsible for making all electrical connection especially the electricity meter and getting all approvals required by your electricity retailer "power grid " and to insert costs of these works in your quote. Actually this process varies from state to another and from country to another.

7. You have to get a clear date to start and finish your solar system installation from the solar company.

8. Make sure that your solar company contacts the electricity retailer "power grid" to arrange procedures for the new electricity meter installation.

9. Give a considerable attention to solar system monitoring devices, and we recommend to ask your solar company to provide android application for connecting the solar system to your mobil cell phone, the reason is to know the solar system power generation during the daylight hours, that will be so beneficial for you, as you will know when power generation will be high so can run your large power capacity appliances like washer or dryer instead of running them at low power generation times, and then consume extra electrical energy from grid retailer, and pay extra for the electricity bill.

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