Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Home

Basically, the solar panels are mainly consisting of several small solar cells connected electrically to each other in series. When the solar cell subjected to sunlight, it will generate direct current electricity (DC voltage), then the solar inverter takes the DC electricity and converting it to alternating current electricity (AC voltage). This AC energy will flow through your home electrical distribution panel, and distributed to flow through different branches/wires to operate your home different electrical appliances/equipment. Here are the three main steps of how solar panels work for our houses and the benefits they bring:

Advantages of solar panels

1. The photovoltaic solar cell will absorb the sun light energy and converts it to direct current electricity.

2. The solar inverter which considered as the brain of the whole photovoltaic solar system will convert the DC electrical energy to AC electrical energy which will be used to operate all our home appliances and power electronics devices.

3. The excess electricity generated from the solar system will fed back to the electrical grid, called Feed-In tariff, in which we shall get paid from the electric utility for each exported kwh.

What are the residential solar energy benefits?

Actually, there are 7 benefits, let us discuss briefly as following:

1. Your electricity bills will be reduced or totally removed immediately after installing and commissioning the solar system.

2. You will get a good governmental rebates, as all governments encourage installing solar system by supporting the residential solar system owners via approx. 25% of the solar system price in average.

3. Generally, the life time of the solar system is approx. 25 years, and return on investment period will be max around 6-9 years, and this means we shall generate and use solar power free of charge for more than 15 years. Meanwhile, the price of the fossil fuel and electrify rise higher yearly with high considered rate, and that maximize our benefits dramatically.

4. Will help us making our life style affordable.

5. Will increase the purchase value of our home.

6. Solar energy as a main type of renewable energy is a perfect way to reduce greenhouse gases and help us get rid of global warming phenomena.

7. There will be no pollution and no fuel wastes.

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