Checklist Before Buying a Solar PV System

As the solar photovoltaic system lasts for long time "25 years", we have to take care of both warranty and good performance matters before installation. This system should generate cost saving electricity from the day it installed and up to the expected life end date. Here is the check list we recommend you to prepare before buying the solar system, so can discuss/verify with your solar system installation company:

1. What will be the expected annual generated electricity (kwh) form your solar system as a whole? And will your solar system installation company be ready to provide written statement about that. That is the strict performance indication, and if the solar company provide such statement, then be rest assured your system will be of high performance and efficiency. 

2. How will you know if your solar photovoltaic system is doing great on day to day basis, what things you need to check daily? Generally, these indices can be known from the installed solar monitoring devices.

3. How will the solar installation company will cooperate with you after installation? What services do they provide to check the system in later years? There have to be a written agreement listed these duties and tasks.

4. If you encounter technical issue in our solar system, how will the solar company assist you? And how long does it take for them to come the site and repair thesystem? Will they charge for this service or will you just pay them for spare parts if needed?

5. Does the solar system installation company conduct functional tests on the inverter and whether it can be used safely?

6. If your solar installation company is not locally based, how quickly they support you in case of faults? Will they be readily available? And how do they will handle the issue?

7. The solar installation company has to agree with you before installation who will be responsible of repair and replacements costs if needed. This point should be clear and documented.

8. Will the solar installation company be responsible of maintenance? What maintenance program do they provide? In maintenance program what things they are responsible of? And what things are you responsible of? 

9. Will the solar system provide you a training program in how to use/monitor/troubleshoot your solar system at the time of hand over.

10. Will the solar system installation company provide you with handbook at hand over time to show you safety issues and how should you deal with the solar system safely?

Checklist for solar PV


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