Garden Solar Lights Troubleshooting

Installing solar lights in your garden is one of the best solutions, because you will not be worried about the electrical setup, and your garden will be beautiful and fresh. When your solar garden stop working, there are some troubleshooting steps you can do yourself, and in most cases, you will succeed to solve the issue without the aid of a specialist, and here we shall discuss as follows:

Garden solar lights

  • First action: Is to do an inspection of your lights themselves, and their attached on/off switch, make sure the bulb is good, and the switch is in on position. If all are okay, then look for signs of rust or moisture presence, as these may lead to connection corrosion which will lead to the light stopping working.
  • Second action: Is to check around the solar panels, and see if they get sufficient solar light, or maybe there is a shadow from the trees and the solar lights are not truly exposed to the sun. If that is the case, then you will be needing to do tree trimming, and remove all obstacles to get full exposure to the sun.
  • Third action: Is to check the batteries attached to solar lights, and replace them if they are faulty. Most garden solar lights have AAA or AA batteries, maybe one or more for each bulb. You will need to have just a screwdriver to open the battery's port, check them and replace them if needed. Not always you will need to replace them, as sometimes you just need to refresh them. Actually, there is an action we recommend to do monthly, it is to switch off the garden solar light for 1-3 days to allow for the solar light garden batteries to be fully charged.
  • Fourth action: This action will be done in case all the aforementioned failed to solve the issue. It’s to contact your garden solar light supplier/manufacturer and ask them for help. If you are still in the warranty period, then it will be a free action.

You might receive a defective light or maybe simple something went wrong, that may happen even for high-quality brands, so if you are still inside the warranty period, you can reach out to the customer service of your supplier and proceed based on their recommendations.

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