How Long Can Solar Battery Last?

Batteries life span is defined as the time period they are useful before they can no longer valid to be recharged or even hold a charge. We usually measure the batteries life span in terms of cycles or certain time limit in years or days or hours. Battery cycle refers to the number of times they can be discharge and re-charged again.

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There are many factors affecting the batteries life span, like brand, batteries type and battery size. If you want to purchase the longest life span batteries in the market, then you would expect paying more money, as it will be more expensive than others in the market of course. We have to know that lithium batteries type has a higher life time span than lead acid batteries, but bear in mind that its price is several hundreds of dollars more than lead acid type. Not only the battery type that will affect the life span, but also the quality of the batteries manufacture and how he is in compliant with standard during manufacturing and testing stages, in addition to that, the battery size will also affect the life span. The ups inverter on home inverter can choose lithium battery or front suspension battery, to provide you with different solutions.

Our solar system expected life span varies between 20 years and up to 30 years, so when using batteries in our off grid solar system or hybrid solar system, we should take care to install the highest life span type, to maximize our technical and economic benefits, usually when using the best solar batteries type, we shall be needing to replace the batteries system once at least during the solar power system whole life span.

Mainly, there are three factors affecting the batteries life span as following:

  • Our usage to the solar batteries, and in other word, how often we recharge after usage. And the over-voltage protection we installed in the system to protect the batteries.
  • Solar batteries temperature which are effected by many factors.
  • Required maintenance, we mean the maintenance type and frequency.
  • Actually, the solar batteries life span varies between 5 years and up to 15 years' maximum, while solar panels have a higher life span of 20 years up to 30 years.
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