How Long Does Solar Panel Last?

Installing solar panels system is some kind of a big and expensive project, and it is done in various scales (small – medium – large). So, it’s important to know how long will the solar panels last, so we can make our own return of investment study before purchasing and installing the solar panel system. Generally, solar panels last approx. 25 years up to 30 years, and may proceed working after that.

Actually after the expected life time of solar panel ended, it still produces DC electricity, but the production rate will go down after the 25 years, it will not stop production as long as it is not damaged by outer effects, like wind or water, truly it has a very long life span. 

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In order to extend the solar panel life time, our solar system installer have to serve/check the panels regularly, and if we need to get a better energy production rate of the solar panels, we have to do maintenance procedures regularly, so energy production will Not drop off so much over the years.

If our solar panels exist in a good climate, and avoid debris danger, we shall enjoy a good energy production with a high life span, generally the solar panels designed to be durable. In addition, the solar panels can withstand some bad conditions, but their energy production may reduce a bit little under these conditions.

As an example of bad conditions, is days with cloud coverage in which solar panels drop around 10% up to 25% of their production, and if you experience rain-fall in your area, you will get a decent generation, because the rain will clean solar panel from debris. Also, high speed wind will Not affect the solar panel much, because by design standards, the solar panels manufacturer tests the panel before leaving the factor to be able to withstand a wind speed of 140 miles/hour which is something close to hurricanes. One bad condition which will seriously affects the solar panels is the lightning which may damage the whole solar panels unless the solar system installer make the appropriate setup for lightening protection scheme, grounding the solar panels, and adding any required extra precautions based on our environment type.

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