How Many Solar Panel Need For Fan and TV?

Due to the large power consumption of air conditioning, electric fan has become a popular choice for solar energy users. It's nice to watch TV with a cool breeze in summer, but how many solar panels do you need?

TV and fan

TV watts + fan watts = number of solar panels needed (plus 10% to 20% for extra power) This formula is the same as you try to use solar energy to run your TV and refrigerator, except this time you will need fewer solar panels.

These two appliances consume about 200 watts per hour. A 250 or two 120W solar panel can produce 200 watts or more, depending on the weather and available sunlight. The operating time is obtained by multiplying watt hours by the number of available sunlight.

Compared with air conditioning, fans consume less power and will not divert too much power during operation.

  • Ceiling fans: 50 to 90 watts. The larger the blade, the greater the power required. Easy to install. It's also cheaper than the fan of the whole house.
  • Whole house fans: 120 to 600 watts. It can cool the whole house. This is the most expensive type, but it is still cheaper than buying and running solar air conditioners.
  • Window fans: 35 to 100 watts. This is the perfect choice for one or two people who want to watch TV nearby. It is the cheapest choice.

As you can see, each fan type has a wide range. The larger the blade and motor, the greater the power of the fan, and more solar energy is also required.

The use of Watts may vary depending on the calibration of your TV. Today's TVs have many options to change the display, which affects power consumption. For example, 22 inches TV needs 40 watt, 30 inches needs 60 watt.

With the widespread use of energy-saving TVs and fans, you don't need to allocate so many solar panels to run them. You usually use electric fans in summer, which happens to be the peak of solar power generation. Even better, a small battery is enough.

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5/9/2023 12:09 AM
Like how much will it cost me to get solar panels that can carry 4 fans and TV