How Solar PV Systems Affect House Value

In fact, installing a solar photovoltaic system in your house is well considered as any capital investment you add to the house, like modern kitchen or SPA or a pool. All of these will add additional value to the property.

Installing solar system in your house will add an amazing additional feature making home buyers looking forward to purchasing your house in case you desire to sell it, because your house becomes an energy efficient home. Recent studies made in Australia, United states and European countries figured out that more than 70% of home buyers are strongly looking for buying energy efficient house with installed solar system rather than traditional houses.

The application of solar system

This home with installed solar system will save your electricity bills, and you may able to get additional monthly charge from your electric utility if the house has an on grid inverter solar system type, in addition, it will be branded as energy efficient. Actually, the saving will depend on house solar system size and the amount of solar energy existing in your home location.

What aforementioned assumed that you own your photovoltaic system, and do not lease nor have it under a purchase agreement. As if you do not own the solar system, then you have to pay for it when the time comes to sell the house, but in that case you will lose much, because you will pay the whole price to the solar company early, and only the other option is to try convincing the buyer to take the contract with the solar company over. Mostly, the new house owner will agree to take the contract, but if not, then you will get in stuck.

Although the investment in solar panels power inverter will go down over time, and it slowly degrades in power generation yearly by approx. 0.5%, which leads to lower produced electricity every year, but you will continue benefit from solar system over its typical 25 years’ warranty and beyond that period, as mostly you will get free electricity for more than 30 years before solar system components need to be replaced.

Generally, most of people are aware of solar system benefits, and see that your solar system is a respected added value to the house value. Also, the environmental benefits will be a big deal, and for the solar system price "capital cost", it surely pays back for itself for less than 10 years and you will get free electricity for 15 years or more.

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