How to Clean Solar Panels?

Cleaning solar panels is the most important procedure of our solar system maintenance, it’s a periodic action that should be done continuously. There are some tips we have to put in mind when we cleaning our solar panels.

80W portable solar panel

  1. We should Not use pressure washer when cleaning solar panels, because such high pressure spryer can totally damage our panels.
  2. We should Not use chemicals, just we have to use water or even dish soap water, because using chemicals can damage solar panels coating.
  3. Sometimes we have debris on solar panels, like birds dropping and in that case, using the water or soap water can Not remove such debris, so you have to use nonabrasive cloth or nonabrasive sponge, and do Not use scratching surface equipment, because those can damage solar panels.
  4. As our solar panels are subjected to the sun all the day, they get extremely hot, and if we clean up panels when they are very hot, the residue on panels surface may not leave due to fast evaporation happened in hot sun, so we have to choose a cooler day to do a perfect cleaning. Simply we can know the cooler day from checking weather forecasting programs. 
  5. For the case, you got an oil on your solar panels, you have to use alcohol to clean the oil, then start to rinse the panel with fresh and clean water, so everything will return to normal conditions.
  6. Sometime we confuse if we should clean the rooftop solar panels or hire a professional to do so, actually if you are Not familiar with rooftop works, and for your safety, we do Not recommend to do it yourself, and you have to hire a professional.
  7. If you want to clean your garden lights solar panels, you can use the same regular method in cleaning, bearing in mind the aforementioned tips, but do Not use soap, just simple cleaning with water and sponge or soft cloth.
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