How to Create your Own Electricity at Home?

With the development of science and technology, it is easier and cheaper to generate electricity by yourself than ever before. The technology used is cost-effective and mature, and has reached the peak level in terms of performance and reliability.

As long as you have free space on your roof, backyard or garden, you can generate enough electricity to power your home and offset your energy costs. The technology of photovoltaic panels and inverters has achieved high efficiency and reliability. In this article. will tell you something about creating your own electricity.

Create your own electricity

Stable performance means that you can generate more power without operating costs, and you can get a return on investment in less than five years. In addition, the battery used to store power can be used for 12-15 years without maintenance and takes up much less space than before. They will not be exposed to dangerous chemicals. The battery is completely insulated and free from electric shock. It is very safe to use in the home.

How the System Works?

  • As the heart of your solar system, the inverter has a built-in battery charger to convert DC power from the solar panels to usable AC power for your home appliances. The inverter also charges the batteries, with lithium ion or lead acid batteries both available with no maintenance.
  • The inverter charges and feeds excessive energy to your home / office appliances.
  • When the batteries are fully charged, all the solar power is fed to your home appliances.
  • If there is not adequate solar power, the inverter will use the stored energy from the batteries.
  • At night, the inverter will feed the stored energy from the batteries to the household.

If you and your electricity supplier have affordable services, you can charge your battery at night with cheap electricity. The inverter has an internal timer and you can easily set the charging time. This also applies to inverse matrices. If you expect a sunny day, you can turn off charging at night and use solar energy completely.

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