How to Identify High Quality Solar Panels?

Solar panels are like any other product, there are some manufacturers use the high quality material and equipment in manufacturing them, and some other do not, so the solar panel manufacturing quality is not equal, so learn to identify whether solar panels use high-quality materials and equipment are very important.

Some manufacturers are accustomed to researching and developing their products, and have a good understanding of the behavior of solar panel components in the field. They usually have decades of experience in the manufacture of electronic equipment, but at the same time, many manufacturers have recently moved Insufficient experience in entering the solar panel industry makes it difficult to identify whether solar panels use high-quality materials and equipment.

It is not an easy process to recognize the high quality solar panel power inverter by just looking to it, you just see and notice the frame and the glass which they are just surrounding components.

High-quality solar panels are different from ordinary solar modules:The high quality solar panel recognition

1. Chemically treated glass.
2. Silicon solar cell.
3. Protective films.
4. Sealants.
5. Aluminum material.
6. Interconnected wiring.

Just check the above six components to identify whether it is a high-quality solar panel.

High-quality solar panels can also be identified like this:

The solar panel spend its life in rains, hot sun, etc. It works outdoor and exposed to harsh environment in summer and winter. These changes in weather will of course affect the solar internal components and material bonded to each other, there will be chemical changes which will affect not only the solar panel performance, but it will affect its life time, its efficiency and reliability, because these chemical reactions will create new chemical material. Moreover, the elasticity of these internal materials will change with the time pass and affect the tension and stress forces taken place between different parts.

So, the cheap low quality solar panel which uses cheap and low quality materials, and which its manufacturer has not taken into consideration the parameters aforementioned will not withstands/survives much, provides low performance and low service life.

So, those solar panel manufacturers with strong understanding of material sciences, and who always invest in researches and development are highly appreciated. In order to identify those manufacturers, you can check their certifications, as they always have ISO certifications, they are not just checking/testing their final product for faults, they understand what causes variations and affect solar panel quality and life time.

Our recommendation is to check for those solar panel manufacturers/brands when you decide to build your solar photovoltaic system. You will simply identify them by checking their certifications, checking their offers/promotional material, etc.


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