How to Improve Solar Inverter Quality & Efficiency?

The solar inverter in the practical application of optimization applications, you first need to make sure that people buy an inverter is relatively high quality. Only good quality products in order to be respected by the market and is recognized by consumers. We will introduce about how manufacturers realize quality control of the solar inverter.

Raw material

Manufacturers in order to achieve quality control of the solar inverter and improve the quality of it. The first thing is to control the production materials. Power inverter housing mainly made of copper and iron. If the housing material good enough, we can guarantee the integrity of the device shell. So, manufacturers can choose high-quality copper and iron material to produce an inverter.

Production process

Manufacturers can also control theĀ solar inverter quality by production process. Production process is mainly to control all production processes of the solar inverter. Control the production process in every aspect of the production staff should strictly abide by the relevant manufacturing operations processes to improve product quality, thereby enhancing production efficiency and product qualification rate.

Manufacturers can start from two aspects inverter production process and raw materials to achieve its quality control, only continuously improve product quality, in order to attract more customers and achieve sustainable economic growth.

Grid tie inverter for PV system

In practice the solar inverter will loss part of the energy itself, so the input power is higher than output power. The efficiency is the ratio of output power to input power, in order to better improve the efficiency of the inverter, manufacturers need to find ways to increase the output power. We will introduce several methods to improve inverter work efficiency.

Reduce self-loss

It is precisely because the inverter itself in practical applications will be part of a power loss, so that its output power is decreased, so people can improve their working efficiency by reducing the inverter's own copper and iron losses.

Reducing IGBT losses

People in order to improve the efficiency of the inverter can also reduce the IGBT loss from areas to start, mainly to reduce IGBT switching frequency. It should be noted here is to reduce the switching frequency cannot be unlimited, otherwise it will lead to a wave inverters worse, increasing noise of the machine and reduce power quality.

Reduce the loss of reactor

Reduce the loss of the reactor to improve the efficiency of the inverter is of great help to improve reactor value, that is to reduce reactor resistance.

These three methods can effectively improve the efficiency of the solar inverter, only three of these methods require much attention when in use, this may have the opposite effect.

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