How to Increase the Financial Return of your Solar PV System?

The half way in getting large financial saving of your solar phot-voltaic system is to choose long life solar panels power inverter, high quality and good performance solar system inverter and other good quality components from the beginning. The next half way is to use the free electricity generated from the solar system on daylight, in other words is to make loads shift into daylights time.

The goal is to make matching between electrical power output from the solar system and your loads demand, and this will achieve more than twice the financial saving.

Let us discuss two approaches in how to achieve such financial saving through power matching:

First: Follow your site whether:

The solar photovoltaic system power generation in sunny day is approx 4-5 times the cloudy day, so we need to delay operating our big power capacity appliances, like dryer, washing machine, and dish washer in cloudy day to the next sunny day. In general, when solar generation is low then do not run all your appliances at the same time, and delay those which can be delayed without harming your lifestyle to the next sunny day, in order to avoid purchasing electricity from your local grid and pay more for your electricity bill. So, please do your jobs in sequence rather than doing them simultaneously.

Increase the financial return of solar PV systems

One more important thing, which is if you are not in the home at the daylight, it would be much better to run your appliances via timers or other featured modern techniques available in most of home appliances nowadays to make use of electricity generation at daylight.

Also, for your air conditioner, you can pre-heat or pre-cool your home at daylight time, so stored heat or cool on your home wall will provide a comfortable whether in the evening. This way can save you much money compared to the air conditioner regular operating time from 5pm to 9pm when usually the household returned back to home.

Second: Monitoring system:

We need to know how much solar power generated over the day time, and specifically when will be the peak generated energy, moreover, we need to know the generated power in each hour or even each 15 minutes, so can schedule the large appliances to run at this time. So it will be very worthy to install power metering or smart meter that have the capability to be connected to our phone cell via bluetooth or wi-fi applications to monitor our solar system power.

Also, we need to be aware of our appliances power capacity individually, and if you do not know, then simply you can get it from each appliance name plate "tag" which is affixed in each appliance back.

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